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Manos Four Seasons Throw


I've finished ONE square so far (out of the twelve I will eventually need) for the Manos del Uruguay Four Seasons Throw. I love the idea of a no-pressure knit and eleven more take-along squares -- that is, knitting I can do at Sit & Knit or while waiting to pick up kids at school.

And from this:


I'm still excited about the idea of knitting a Block Stripe Afghan from Sarah Dallas Knitting.

It occurred to me this morning that I haven't done much in the way of blogging Project Spectrum 2007 and we're nearing the end of March (Blue, White, Gray). However, I did get out of my comfort zone (rut?) yesterday and bought and wore vibrant blue eyeshadow. My original plan involved knitting and an intention to finish and/or start something with blue, white or gray yarn from my stash. It looks like I used everything BUT those colors -- with a continued focus on brights. Obviously, others did a better job than I did.

Stash Release 2007 has gone well and I'm happy with my progress in evaluating my projects and plans. I mentioned on my Flickr something I was struggling with releasing:

GGH Mystik

and I think the struggle stems from my uncertainty about the project for which the yarn was intended. It's not me. It's too short and too low-cut. So I feel good about keeping the yarn but need a new project possibility. Mystik is the suggested yarn for the Honeymoon Cami and I have enough for that. Of course, there's also the ChicKami, which I've been wanting to knit for a while now.

Thank you all for the feedback on my loose purls entry. I generally feel good about the things I knit and the way they turn out, but the little pink sundress was really bothering me. It bugged me enough to rip out the entire thing and start over yesterday morning. I've since made up my anti-progress and will probably finish the jumper this evening. I love it now. The tipping point was reading the pattern at the height of my dissatisfaction and seeing this sentence: "The gauge needs to be quite loose." Mine wasn't. My gauge was considerably off -- and the top and bottom portion of the sundress differed by more than 1 stitch per inch. Yesterday I found this cute little number knit with Noro Silk Garden. Guess what I have in my stash? Enough Silk Garden to knit another jumper.


You will love doing the Four Seasons Throw! I still want to make another, only this time keep it for myself.:-)
See you soon,

I expected to see a photo of you with the blue eyeshadow. :)

What about doing the Honeymoon Tank with the crochet detailing on the straps from the original tank? Just a thought...

If you start on your new sock yarn, it qualifies as Project Spectrum colors, right? Not that you would finish it in March, but you can start! (I need to get off the computer and go cast on!)

Great square! I love knit-purl patterns. I like Vanessa's idea for the Honeymoon tank with the crocheted straps, especially in the black yarn.

I like the stitch pattern on that Manos throw. And I LOVE that Rebecca pattern - I think they call it "halter with strass stones", if I recall correctly. Whatever "strass stones" are. You could make it longer and not as low-cut!

That is some beautiful yarn. I'm sure you can find a great project for it. A modified version of the original pattern would be perfect.

I could never get tired of looking at that Sarah Dallas book; it is so gorgeous.

Loving the Manos.

Manos is one of my very favorite yarns. Your square is pretty!

Oh, thank you for the link to that little dress! I didn't know that my beloved KP&S had that pattern out!

I picked up a really cute little booklet called Knitting for Babies that has a cute jumper with a lace skirt - I'm thinking that between the KP&S pattern and the lace skirt pattern... Yeah. Excellent!

I think I've always seen blankets as such a long-term commitment, but I like the way you phrased it - it's a no-commitment combination of small projects. I might be sold.

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