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Schaefer Anne fingering weight yarn

I knit this swatch sock with Schaefer Anne yarn on Size 1 (2.25 mm) Crystal Palace bamboo DPNs:



This is a 36-stitch sock knit from the cuff down so that I could have a sample of how the yarn will look as a sock and so I'll know what my gauge will be on these needles (in this case, 9 st/in). I love this yarn -- it feels wonderful to knit with. I'm not as in love with the way these colors look in a sock, but there's generous yardage for a shawl. These look like masculine colors, so if I want Schaefer Anne socks for myself, I guess I'll have to buy another skein (or two) in a different color. I'm learning to look for more subtle color changes and not drastic ones like these if I want to knit a plain vanilla sock.


I think they would make great man socks...

Love the colors! You are really an overachiever with the swatch sock!

A friend of mine had Schaefer Anne socks shrink quite a bit upon washing. She is a machine only washer and dryer, but you may want to take your little sock for a test wash.

I have some blue-violet for a scarf/shawl. I love the feel and sheen of the yarn.

It is so cute! I got my copy of Sensational Knitted Socks, this weekend I am going to knit my first "little" sock. WhoooHooo!

Is that your knitting journal I see there under your sock swatch?

I like those colors, and that "sock swatch" is totally neat. :D

Love the swatch sock. It is so cute! Will it serve another purpose, like warming a little foot?

I adore the colours and the little swatch sock - what an ingenious idea.