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What I already knew

I already knew that the creative act is not in the purchasing of supplies, it's in what I make with them and the activities involving the tools I have. Obviously I'm not reluctant to show my readers what I buy. I share because I love it when other knitters share in their blogs and on their Flickrs. It inspires me.

To expand on my earlier entry regarding limits -- while limits are a good thing for me, I don't believe ascetism is my answer -- something closer to simple living is my ultimate goal. I've shared all that because I just wanted to go on record that I'm not on a yarn diet and I'm not knitting ONLY from my modest stash. I'll be buying yarn and I'll be letting you know what I buy -- and if you stick around, you'll see me either knit something with it or release it another way. I'm not good at seeing what I need to work on unless I first get rid of the obstacles. In this knitter's life, my obstacles are the skeins of yarn I'll never use. I'll first remove those from the stash and prepare to release them somehow. I'll organize and take a harder look at the rest my stash (more so than I just did this past weekend) and decide whether I'll have the time or desire to complete the yarn's intended project. If not, those items will be de-stashed through my Flickr (first) or my blog -- either for sale, for trade or an outright gift to the first person who expresses an interest.

I also have a milestone coming up in my comments. I'm at 986 comments since beginning this particular blog in September 2005. The 1000th commenter will receive enough NORO Kureyon to knit a Booga Bag. As a consolation prize, I'll also give away one skein of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock to one lucky person commenting on this entry even if I don't reach the 1000th commenter here. Do you feel lucky?


The Schaefer Anne from the previous entry has been wound and I tried out a few different types of stitch patterns and ideas before I decided to knit a plain sock. In the photo, you'll also see two of my favorite tools for sock knitting -- my small bent-tip tapestry needles (which you can't REALLY see them because they're in their orange Chibi holder - a set of 3); they're small enough to graft tiny stitches on lace- or fingering-weight yarns. For the inevitable dropped stitches, I keep the Addi crochet hook (3mm) nearby (Yarn Market has some great info and photos here regarding the Addi crochet hooks). I'll share photos of my knitting notebook next week since a few of you have asked to see it.

Thanks so much for the get well wishes. I have a lingering cough, but I'm recovering.

Have you checked out the Project Spectrum Flickr Group Pool yet? What about Handknit Street Style?


Isn't it funny how you can try out several different complicated swatches and then still end up with a simple one? Some yarns just look best in ss.

Ooh I'll come out from lurking for Lorna's!!

Wow, that's a lot of comments!

Do you see me with my hand raised in the air shouting, PICK ME, PICK ME. I am getting better at socks. That Lorna's Laces would be lovely! I would be the luckiest girl this side of a set of dpns.

The addy crochet hook looks so neat.I don't have one of those and haven't seen them in person, can you tell us more about it--is the orange section soft and squishy?And what is the purpose of the white part--the holes specifically.

While I agree with your initial line -- I also know that when I am stressed out and don't have the time to create, sometimes I tend to purchase supplies. I am trying to curb this habit now (it's working, mostly due to my overwhelmed feeling). I wonder sometimes if 10 minutes of knitting on a plain sock would rid me of that feeling without taxing my time (surely I can spare 10 minutes).

I look forward to seeing the knitting notebook! :)

[I love those tiny bent-tip needles in the chibi too!]

Janet, I hate to such a pooper but for some reason I just can't let your knitting skills go to waste on plain stitch sock, especially using fancy Schaefer Anne yarn. I'm not putting plain stitch down or anything along those lines, most of my socks are just plain. Maybe I've become snobbish with fancier yarns and I feel that because of their price tag, something more intricate should come from them. Then again, I may have just gone crazy since I've been working on some ogre socks in plain stitch for the longest time and can't stand it anymore. LOL. I'm just raining on your parade. Do whatever calls to you and post pictures. :) I love seeing your work.

I'm a new knitter and just finishing my first sock on circular needles. I love simple knitting seeing as how I seem to have a problem counting past 3. I don't have a blog but love to read about other knitters way more experienced than me.
Feel better soon. Karen

Did I mention how much I love Noro yarn too?

I'm enjoying your thoughts on personal limits for your knitting life - they're trigging some of my own thoughts and that's always a good thing.

Love my orange Chibi and its wonderful little needles.

You're crazy. Crazy generous! ;)

I dearly hope you'll get to feeling better soon, and your yarn philosophy is one I'm (trying hard) to live by. Not there yet, but it's the journey that matters right?

Since you are reorganizing and prioritizing your stash and considering a sale, swap or gift, have you heard of http://goodyarnkarma.blogspot.com ?? They do swaps or gift (karma) postings. You should check it out. And I just thought another comment might get me the Noro! "Mama needs a brand new bag"

Please be 1000, Please !!

ok, this has to be 1000!!!


It is! You're the lucky (if not totally random! LOL!) 1000th comment winner!

Did I win anything? Good entry.

Maybe I'll still be lucky ;)

Anyway, I've been enjoying reading you thoughts for a while now and I just wanted to say hello!

Thanks for sharing your favorite tools. I love seeing what people feel they couldn't knit without.

Regarding limits...I seem to have forgotten all about them, as I keep shamelessly enhancing my sock yarn stash.

Love the Anne.

I didn't know that Addi had crochet hooks too. Cool. Not that I know how to crochet but they are handy for dropped stitches, heaven forbid that it happens. Congrats early on the almost milestone!! I hope that you get an overabundance of replies.

I am going to have to keep an eye at your flickr. ;)

Ah yes, the aescetism vs living more simply vs I 'll buy what I want conundrum... it's one of my constant struggles. Hope you are feeling better... bad yukky flu, and so weird that that medication made you sick... I love the Anne sock yarn with the orang-y yellow-y Chibi and crochet hook, beautful colours together.

That Schaefer Anne is so pretty. I love the colors. I recently got some sock yarn from Fearless Fibers on Etsy. One of the skeins is very close in color to your Anne. I can't wait to try it out.

I was born under a lucky star, I'll have you know. Congrats on nearing that milestone!

I can't wait to see your notebook. I click over to Eunny Jang's quite often--like her designs, they represent possibility rather than probability. But I love to see process documented.

Hi Janet,I just like to touch base to let you know that I am still reading. I like your thought process about knitting and life in general.
Keep making beautiful knitted bits of happiness.

i think i'm delurking here, right?

just to say that i too have recently been trying harder and harder to get to 'simple living' - hopefully your attempts will keep me inspired :-)

Oh...pick me, pick me!

Simplicity is my goal, too. But there is a lot to be said about having yarn at home to start a new project with. I mean, how simple and lovely is that? Not to have to trek from yarn store to yarn store or to worry that the colors on the Internet aren't the true yarn colors? :)

Congratulations on reaching 1000+ comments. I've been enjoying your blog for quite some time now, but I think this is my first comment here.

I've been kind of out of the loop. Just got a chance to catch up. Hope to see you soon so we can catch up in person. I miss you!! Congrats on all the comments!

I love your blog and since I've been living simple for awhile now ...simply living is my new montra. LOL Grab a cup of coffee and come visit my blog.

Hi, Janet! Congrats on making 1000 comments! And what a generous way to celebrate! Your blog is a pleasure to read.

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