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Yesterday's treats

I treated myself yesterday (thanks, Jayne & Jerri!) to some "ME" time and rare indulgences. First, a trip to the store for two magazines - Home Companion and Dwell. Then, a Grande Mocha Frappucino and finally, a spa pedicure (color: OPI's It's a Doozi, says Suzi) and brow wax. It was a lovely way to welcome Spring.

The best part of my day? Knitting with friends at the coffee shop last night -- something I haven't been able to do in months!

All this, of course, put me a little bit behind in sharing the rest of the results of the impromptu contest I had last week. The lucky winner of this:


is Isel ! Congratulations, Isel! To determine the winner, I had my husband choose a number between 1 and 31. He chose 17.

Okay, dear friends, I'm in the mood to finish something today. I've yet to reply to some lovely emails and comments I've received but I do want to let you know how much I appreciate your visits here. To those of you who de-lurked and left comments on this entry, thank you! I'm enjoying some wonderful new blog reads and the people behind them.

Finally, I feel compelled to mention that if you haven't had a chance lately (within the last few years) to pick up a copy of Home Companion, please do! There's a wonderful regular feature in there that I love -- An Artist's Life. The previous issue featured Kaffe Fasset. One of the things he said in the article stuck with me and I remember it (even though I gave my issue away so that it could inspire somebody else), "you don't have to abandon one discipline to take up another, [each discipline] informs the other."

It's Spring . . . think about creating a space for yourself (even if it's just a small corner in your room) -- a place to house your inspiration and your ideas. Write down your ideas and nuture them and stop thinking in terms of To Do lists, checklists, bullet points. It's more important to BE than to DO. Happy first day of Spring.


Sounds like you had a fabulous day. That column sounds great. I'll look for the mag.

Your day sounds wonderful! I have too many corners in too many rooms, but it works for now. LOL :)

I have a spare room that is basically acting as a storage for stuff we don't use. I have been saying that I am going to clean it out, but now my SO and I are fighting over whether it will be my knitting room or his putting green! Either way, it has to be done this Spring!!

I totally agree with that quote! It's amazing how knitting has changed me.... I used to not think I was *creative*, but then I started knitting, then beading, then felting, then sewing..... and each new project naturally (dare I say, organically?) led to the next. Now I have much greater confidence in, and appreciation for, my creative side. (And in the end, I always go back to knitting. hehe.)
Happy Spring!

Congrats, Isel!

Happy Spring!
I have an extra bedroom that I use as a craft room. I am part way through a big clean up reorganization, and I've become stuck. Thanks for the inspiration to get it done!

Wait, I just saw my name, but haven't read any of this.

I won something? Are you freaking kidding me?!!?

Will read now...

I won! I won! My first Lorna's!! Wooo-hooooo.
Thank you so much, Janet. :D

What an excellent quote. So often I hear people wish they could try something new, but are afraid they'll lose time for what they already love to work on....I've found that each new skill I add enriches the old.

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