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Detoxify, Purge & Renew

I've stopped reading and watching toxic material and I've purged some unpleasantness in order to make room in my mind for new and better things. (The things that I find toxic might not be an affront to anybody else, so I'm not sharing my list here).

Since ridding myself of those things, I've been craving color -- vibrant, bold, energizing color. Things have been gray and neutral in my thoughts for far too long. It finally occurred to me that some of the things that I choose to watch and read have been contributing to that.

Color might not do for you what it does for me, but it injects energy into whatever I'm working through. For instance, collaging some big changes in 2003:

Print of 2003 Altered Book Spread

Exploring some possibilities in 2005:

Colored Brads

Taking some joy in something simple in 2007:


And for all points in between, there's knitting:


I don't know if I'll ever get used to hearing bad news. Yesterday we found out that Sassy has heartworm disease (most likely she had it before we adopted her in late October). She's a young dog and otherwise very healthy. I'm sure the reason she's now a member of our family is so that we can be the ones to see that she gets the best possible treatment (which won't actually begin till November 2007).

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts regarding project monogamy vs. project A.D.D. I'm in both camps. I won't say that I'll always be project-monogamous, but for now, I see the value. If it's lace, there's a rhythm. You don't want to set it aside too long. If it's a garment, same thing. For lace, I'll definitely stay focused because there's such a wonderful payoff.


When I got my dog nine years ago he had heart worms. We call him cowdog because he looks like a cow and eats like a cow with four stomachs. The treatment was fine and he is still going strong all these years later.

Our dog, Boo, had to go through that, too. But she was much older. And she survived to live many more years. I think it's harder on them if they're older (she was probably about 10). She lived to be a VERY old dog, even by dog standards, so that's encouraging!

Poor Sassy, she is very lucky to have your family taking care of her. She can and will have many good years.

I too was attempting to be faithful to only one project at a time, well I cheated in Las Vegas this weekend. Oops. And I am going to buy some lace weight Malabrigo tonight too. Like my dad used to say, "Going to hell in a hand basket!"

Janet, I love reading your blog for many reasons, but mostly, I really like how you enable me to rethink things. :)

And I'm sorry to hear about Sassy. I believe in the possibility that things sometimes happen for a reason and Sassy was lucky enough to end up with your family. She'll be able to get the care and love she needs.

Sorry to hear about Sassy, but I'm sure she's going to be fine. Young dogs do well with the treatment. She's lucky to have you.

I love how you've coined the term "project monogamy v. project ADD". Perfect description.

Beautiful photos of color!

Sorry to hear about Sassy! My in-laws got an older dog that had heart worms, and even with him, the treatment was successful, so I am sure Sassy will come through.

Good post.

love the colors!

Sorry to hear about Sassy, I hope she'll do well with the treatment. She's lucky to have you and your family.

Agree...wonderful post! Color is good. Poor Sassy!! She is a trooper! Keep her comfortable.

Been thinking about you! Margie just got her yarn for the jumper dress for Fae. I may do it for Abi too, at some point!

Cleansing is gooood. Glad you are doing well.

Hi. I just stumbled across your blog when searching for mini-socks. This picture in google is associated with your blog:


I cannot find anything in your archives. Have you ever made sock earrings before? If so - where did the pattern come from? I want to make some! Can you please email me back if you know anything!?? Thanks!

Have a good day! Happy Knitting!