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Dragon Scale Scarf

I first cast on with the blue Malabrigo laceweight to start the Dragon Scale Scarf on Friday night; then again on Saturday night; finally again on Sunday morning. I lost count at seven failed attempts to get past the first repeat. The pattern was straightforward, the needles are wonderful, and the yarn is awesome. But apparently I shouldn't knit in low light or when I have too many distractions.

So with great lighting, by Sunday afternoon, I had a tiny bit of progress to show:


And by this afternoon, I had noticeable progress:


So I learned that I have to stick to knitting lace during the day when the lighting is best and the kids are at school. I also have to keep track of my glasses.

And every night, I read this at my son's request.


For some reason, I think it inspires my knitting.


Your scarf is looking fabulous! You are doing an awesome job!

Brilliant! In more ways than one. ;)

Looks wonderful!I love the shot of the scarf draped over the swift.

Oh, it's gorgeous - and I love the tie-in with the book cover!

The scarf and Eragon certainly match!

Gor-juss! and the book goes oh so well... I read that book (and I don't have kids) loved that story...

The scarf is wonderful! Without distractions you knit fast! Love that blue.

Very nice! And you're making great headway after a rough start.

I really like that scarf pattern. You have made great progress with it!

ROFL! Yup. I can see why that might be inspiration.

Beautiful scarf! Love the blue.

I have the same problem knitting the Pomatomus socks. I have to have quiet and no distractions.

Janet, it is just beautiful!! Now, I want to make one, the yarn is so yummy. Thanks once again for the inspiration!

I need to get that book! I actually enjoyed that movie - have you seen it?

Too funny! That scarf looks delish (and I don't normally like lace!).

I just LOOOOVE that Malabrigio lace-weight! I bought two skeins last week and am itching with start-itis!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the scarf pattern in that blue and Malabrigo is one of my favorite yarns. I need to know where to get that pattern!!

My eyes almost popped out when I scrolled down to the progress shot. And your son is just making sure that the dragon theme continues...

PS: I got the yarn!!! Please email me. x

I was also amused by how well your yarn matches the cover of the book. Definitely dragon scales!

The scarf is lovely. Are you going to leave it ripple-y and unblocked, or block it flat?

I haven't seen this pattern before - it's beautiful.

I love your Yarn Cake Portraits. I've always thought yarn is at it's best in cake form!

so lovely! the color is just beautiful!
malabrigo is a dream. love this blue and the matching book. ;-)
You made lightening fast progress, Janet!
it's a beautiful life; knitting blue dragon scales and reading to your lil' guys.... it makes me happy to think of it.

hugs and love!

it is absolutely beautiful..
could you tell me how to buy a copy of the pattern.. i see it on line ... but no resource to purchase..