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Dragon Scale Scarf Part Two

These are the last in-progress shots I'll share till I'm finished:


I've mentioned to some of you that I'm trying to stick to ONE knitting project until I'm finished. I am allowing myself to either work on swatches or socks on the side, but for the most part I am remaining project-monogamous.


The in-progress shots help ME to see that I'm keeping a decent pace and staying on track. Otherwise, it just feels weird for me to stick to one thing. If it gets too monotonous (rarely), I get up and wind some yarn or clean out my knitting basket. I daydream about what to choose for my next knitting project. I haven't made a final decision yet, but I want to choose something that won't require the purchase of more yarn. I'm not ready to go completely stash-less, but there are some things I've been wanting to work on and finish. Should it be another lace project?

My own little exception to this project monogamy rule is that I can allow myself to start or work on socks at any time -- limited only by the number of free DPNs I have in my knitting basket. There's my Twisted Yarns sock yarn that I keep admiring -- I can start it guilt-free if I want to:


So do you knitters prefer sticking with one project or would you rather have several going at once? My own practice has been to enjoy several knits at once. However, I'm starting to see the appeal of having one at a time to focus on. And FOCUS has been the key -- even though I daydream about my next knit, I've stuck with this one project long enough to get a rhythm and not have to rely on the pattern while I knit. And the most amazing thing is that my mind and hands seem to know what to do next. I can feel immediately when a stitch isn't right and I can correct it quickly (within no more than five errant stitches) and I'm not getting as frustrated as I was when I started this scarf. I know that to some of you, none of this is new! But I just had to share that I do see the appeal now.

It's about to be the weekend again and I hope yours is wonderful. Have a Happy Easter if you celebrate it!


I've usually got two at a time. One for home and concentration knitting and one for on the go easy knitting.

Your dragon scales are terrific!

If I have too many things on the needles I tend to feel overwhelmed and don't accomplish as much as I'd like. If I have one big project and one, or even two small projects, I'm happier as are my knits.

That scarf is spectacular...

I tend to not have a lot of active projects going. Right now I have two socks going - one absolutely mindless, and one that requires a bit of attention. I need to start a baby dress very soon, tho!

The scarf is looking fabulous! I must agree, attention to project is very important. I tried to do a few projects at the same time and things started to get jumbled up. I'm leaning towards a one project at a time process where I can focus my full attention and then be glad when it's done. Oh and taking progress pics sure does motivate me to finish the project since you have a photo journal of the process. :)

Sometimes I have many WIPs, sometimes only one and a pair of socks (or two). When I start to get too many WIPs, I've found I feel the need to finish a particular one.

Since my job as a biochemist has a lot of small finger/hand/wrist work, I like to have projects with different needle sizes going, and then I can switch from small to larger needles to keep from getting too much stress on the joints.

That scarf is exquisite. The yarn you chose for it looks amazing.

I have too many projects going right now. I need to narrow it down so I actually get some of them done. I don't think I could only do one though. I need something simple and something more complex so I can switch between the two.

Oh, I HAVE to have several projects going at once (currently I have 5, technically 7 (I've all but given up on those final 2)) and I dunno, it somehow keeps me on track. If I get bored with something, I put it down and wait until I am *inspired* to finish it. Why knit something you're not excited about? I try not to go CRAZY with it, though, and I try not to buy new yarn until I've finished one project, but I think I need this space between projects to get re-energized about them, and to give my mind time to get reacquainted with the pattern. And so far, this tactic hasn't kept me from finishing anything.
Just curious, what inspired the monogamy?

I do with your restraint to limit in-process photos though. I have promised myself that I won't show off a WIP or take a photo of it (unless I'm stuck and need help). It's hard (and I haven't been so diligent), because my WIPs take soooo long to finish, but ultimately, I'm trying not to celebrate them until they're done.

The scarf is looking great! For myself, I tend to have several projects on the go...usually a lot of little things like socks, mittens, scarves, etc.

I have a major case of Knitting-ADD. I feel deprived and bored when I only work on one project at a time. Ideally, I like three projects on the needles at once - one "mindless knitting" (lots of stockinette, preferably in the round), one lace project, and one larger gauge project. It keeps my hands from hurting and keeps me interested.

At one point last year I had about 20 projects in one state of completion or another!!! About half just needed to be seamed, but I actively had about 10 on the needles. That's too many and I won't be duplicating that.

Hi Janet!
The scarf is beautiful! I usually have no more than two projects to work on at a time. I like to stay focused and stay with a project until it is complete. Most of the time one of the two projects consist of one that requires more concentration and then a "easier" one for knitting group or in between classes.
Hope that you are well, and enjoying yourself in whatever you do!

That scarf is looking gorgeous.

I try to be a two-project person: a big one and a small one. However, for some crazy reason, when I am stressed out I cast on for random things here and there, which stresses me out even more. Go figure.

Can't wait to see the Mama Llama will become. I can't stop looking at mine.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

I admire your monogamy! I am a serial project starter but I really only focus on one or two projects at a time. I really aspire to be a monogamous knitter like you. If I can just get through all the projects in my knitting basket right now, maybe I can start to make it work!

I'm a one-project-at-a-time kind of a gal. This has been my MO for...well, forever. That is until I found out that my sister is expecting, and I've been putting my current project on hold to crank out a little something for the baby. Since baby projects go so quickly, I don't really think of it as multiple projects at once. :)

love, love, love the blue dragon scales! I can imagine that it is going to be very striking when worn.

For me, I usually just stick to one project at a time to focus on. Every once in awhile I'll sneak in a small, instant-gratification project in the middle of a larger, seemingly-never-ending project if I'm getting bored or frustrated.

I have too many to recount here (I'm embarrassed). I would MUCH prefer to have one project at a time but I keep finding excuses to cast on for something new! I do know that the few times I've been monogamous, the projects grow much quicker. I guess it depends on if my goal is a finished object, or to satisfy my immediate need to knit.

Monogamy? What's that have to do with knitting?

At any given point in time, I have one mindless larger project as well as a couple of small projects to take places (one to take, and the other as backup in case I get bored). I usually also have one project that requires focus.

Add this to the sewing projects, and to the crocheting I carry around with me (because somewhere in my kitchen is a gremlin who eats dishcloths),and it's a good thing I own a lot of needles.