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Furoshiki Kerchief


Kerchief from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, (p.45)

It's wearable gift wrap & furoshiki

Yarn Used:
HABU 2/10 Kusaki Zome, A4, Color 24 (100% Silk)
HABU 1/12 Silk Mohair Kusa A32B, Color 23 (60% mohair, 40% silk)
(both yarns carried together while knitting)

Size 6 Clover Bamboo Circular

Finished Size – 20” across top edge, 10” high from bottom point to top edge

Here's a Washington Post article about Japanese Gift Wrapping and another at Whip Up: Gift Wrapping, Japanese Style. I love the idea of using fabric or knitting to wrap gifts. Last Minute Knitted Gifts offers several ideas throughout the book for using your knitting to embellish your handknit gifts.

In the past, I've knit i-cord (scroll down) out of yarn scraps and used it to tie a tissue-paper wrapped bundle. Hemp and linen are great for making tassels. Fuzzy wools make wonderful pom-poms. Use your stash to create your own eco-friendly gift wrap.



I love the wearable gift wrap idea. Thanks for the furoshiki link!

I just bought an i-cord crank machine, and now that I've read your post, I'm thinking more creatively about how I can use i-cord...

Very pretty! I have often considered knitting small bags with a drawstring for some of the beaded jewelry I make. I usually run out of time before I can knit the bag. Maybe someday I'll be more organized!

Ok, that is just too clever!

It looks SO soft! I have got to get that book.

So beautiful, Janet.

That looks beautiful and unusually practical and multipurposed.

That is lovely! Such a nice touch.

What a neat idea--and a great use for all those little leftover bits. Thanks for the Japanese Wrapping Links. I just made some of the angora booties--also from _Knitted Gifts_--and I had been thinking about how to wrap them up, so this gives me some ideas to work from.

Have you worked with Habu much--or even seen an actual pattern book? I'm tremendously curious but wary of ordering for some reason.

So pretty!

That looks so pretty and delicate! You make it look so appealing. I didn't give it a second glance when I saw it in the book, but now that I've seen yours I'd love to knit one, too.

This is absolutely lovely, and how very practical! Great!

Beautiful! I love the simplicity of it.

This is awesome :)!