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I've figured it out. It's more difficult to write an exciting blog entry about knitting when there is no NEW knitting to show. Could it be that project monogamy influences my blogging habits? I used to be predictable about starting something new whenever the work-in-progress began to be a little less . . . exciting. Now I stick with it through the boring parts and am more blog-silent because of it.

However, the Garter Stitch Prairie Shawl continues to engage me. I'm at the point now where a row is over 170 stitches -- and still growing by 2 stitches every other row. And in spite of the craziness around here, I do have something delightful to share; it's a beautiful project bag made by Olga for an impromptu swap:

CHANEL Fabric Project Bag from Olga

It's large enough to carry at least one skein (but up to three skeins easily) of a sock-in-progress in addition to related supplies (needles, DPNs, even a knitting handbook if you need it). And she sells these cute commuter box bags in her Etsy shop. I love her touch of having the matching Swarovski crystals on the zipper pull. Thank you so much, Olga.

And the upcoming project I hinted at in my last entry? It's not the tank top, but the paper lanterns from Alterknits:


These have been on my "must-knit-someday" list for a while but until last week, I didn't have the Shosenshi linen paper yarn or the Paper Moire from Habu. But thanks to somebody who graciously ventured into the Habu Textiles showroom for me, I now have exactly what I need to make the lanterns.

And following a theme that Elizabeth discovered a while back, I'm going to bury something important at the bottom of my entry. I decided that undertaking a podcast is too huge of a commitment right now. I don't have the time to listen to them, much less record my own. (Reality has set in). Instead, I'm going to indulge a different creative urge. I can't mention much or show you anything right now, but it involves Etsy, new domain registration and more. I'll give you more details on my birthday. I'm excited about it!


Ohmygosh, really?!?! I can only guess what your new enterprise (ahem) is going to be, but...can't wait! I also have a secret idea I've been mulling over and I think I'm going to go for it because I don't want it to become one of those "what ifs." :o)

Oh yeah, and I figure if anyone can wade through my long, rambling entries, they deserve something important at the end! ha!

Janet, I didn't know you were contemplating a podcast!! That would've been fantastic! I'm now intrigued about what else you have up your sleeve.

Oh, and Happy (belated) Mother's Day. x

Oh my, that IS very intriguing...... That bag is so cool! Darn that etsy...

I'm excited about your etsy & domain name registration thing!

Oooh I'm excited!!!

I recently did the same thing with a meeting invite at work... I wrote out this long boring agenda and then at the way bottom I wrote "If you've read all the way to the bottom, thank you. I'll bring donuts to the meeting."

And only 2 people replied back! Sometimes even food doesn't bribe people to come to meetings (or read emails). ;)

(And now for a knitting-oriented comment...)

I love those lanterns! I have been thinking lately how nice it would be to have some simple (and long!) outdoor lanterns for our back deck. I can't wait to see how yours turn out!

Hmmm, I'm intrigued by the news! I can't wait to see what you have planned!

I can't wait to see your paper lanterns! Isn't alterknits a great book!?

I'm excited to hear more about your project!

That bag is perfect. It's nice that it opens so widely so that you don't have to blindly dig to find things. (Clearly, I have a pet peeve with digging through bags.)

The knitted laterns are cool! I'm looking forward to seeing how you like knitting them.

Great bag! Also looking forward to what else you have planned!

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Sounds exciting! All of it.
That somebody must really like you. ;)

Sounds like there is some definite excitement to come! Your friend's bag is delightful :)

Janet, I can't thank you enough! But you got me inspired for the lanterns, I have some of the red paper left from the jacket and thinking it would be a great leftover project! You rock girl! I am happy you love the bag!

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