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Finished Dragon Scale Scarf

Finished Dragon Scale Scarf
Click photo for more details at Flickr


That's very cool!

It's absolutely gorgeous! That blue is about the most perfect blue sky blue ever.

Congrats on finishing! It's a beautiful blue - I love the slight varigation. Everytime I see it I think of the book cover from your earlier post :)

Divine! The colour is stunning.

Also, I meant to ask about your necklace (I noticed it on Flickr). Details please... :)

Oh goodness. That is gorgeous. What a shade of blue!

Congrats on the finish. It looks amazing.

How lovely! The scarf turned out gorgeous.


beautiful :)


Yay! You finished it. It looks fantastic.

Ooh, pretty! Nice yarn choice. I haven't tried it yet. Is it scratchy?

Well done, Janet! It is beautiful! The blue is amazing.

beautiful!! I just love that color.

Beautiful! The color is amazing!

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