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Random Seven

Two people tagged me for this meme -- Jennie and Cheryl. I'm going to TRY be a good sport for a change.

Seven random things about me.

1. I hate matchy-matchy things. I like contrast. I like color, patterns and texture. It's taken me many years to realize this about myself. I especially enjoy colorful accessories against a very basic, neutral palette.

2. Clutter doesn't bother me, but I am intensely aware that it bothers others, so I try to do something about it in my own environment. If I were to visit your home, clutter would be a positive sign that we are likeminded.

3. Almost 4 years ago, a neighbor and I were becoming friends. I invited her over for lunch one day and she mocked me when I shared my excitement about learning to knit. I never spoke with her after that . . . but I did keep knitting.

4. I believe that nothing is more important than sharing somebody's excitement if they've made an effort to let you in on what they're truly passionate about.

5. I abuse adverbs when I write. I often re-read my blog posts and take them out. Even after I edit, there are usually way too many.

6. My biggest pet peeve are bloggers who fail to edit their posts when there are obvious grammatical or spelling errors. If a reader tells me about a spelling or grammar error, I'll correct it and thank them. :-) Strangely, enough, however, I don't think I've ever emailed a blogger about spelling or grammar errors. I leave them alone in their ignorance.

7. I avoid people who overshare, are close talkers, and are one-uppers. Lately I seem to have all three of these annoying qualities myself. Avoid me.

Just about everybody I regularly read has already done the Seven (or Eight) Random Things Meme. I'm supposed to tag seven people and it's proving to be tough to find somebody who hasn't done it already. So I'd like to challenge my readers to answer the Seven Random Things here in my comments (if you don't have a blog) or link to the one you've already done. From those who post a comment, your name will be placed in a drawing for this:

Laceweight Malabrigo
Malabrigo Laceweight Yarn - Sealing Wax

This is the same yarn I used to knit the Dragon Scale Scarf.


I love that you linked to Urban Dictionary here (it's a great site, very helpful). Anyway, I am also superannoyed by one-uppers, but I never had a name for them before! Now I do and I thank you for that!

Here's my 7 Random Things post:

I might have overshared in my last post, and please forgive me; English is not my first language. :D

One-uppers...yes. I think I will start rolling my eyes at them now that I know what to call them. Thanks!

i must look at Urban Dictionary more often!

you know, if #4 happened to me, i'd probably laugh at them if they shared their new hobby with me (after they'd mocked me).

*hugs* *waves* from Dallas :)

Oh my goodness, I would hope that you would shoot me an e-mail if some is odd about my posts. :)

Hmm a one-upper, reminds me of an episode of Saturday Night Live. LOL we can have a one-upper challenge, and of course mine would all be lies and outrageously silly and not make much sense.

I like no 2 - first time someone's told me my clutter is a positive sign :)

Well, I did 6 Weird Things a while ago, and I've done various numbers for both Chaos and Mayhem.

I like your list - I sometimes come off as an oversharer, but it's of certain long ago things that don't have much emotional impact anymore. Current stuff? Not so much.

Let me know if you'd like your contest posted - it wouldn't be until Thursday.

I was once told that clutter is a sign of creativity. Guess that makes me really creative. :oD

Thanks for the link to the Urban Dictionary, very useful!
I like #2 as well, Clutter is good!

Here's my 7 random things post - but I only came up with 5.

And I think I may have 'overshare-d'... slightly. But you still love me, right? :)

Hey, thanks for the spur to get a list together! Mine is on my blog, click my name.

You always get me to thinking, and inspire me. On your list, #4 is my favorite, I feel the same way!! #7 hit home as well.
I may do a list too. :-)

People can be amazing, can't they? (#3) Even if she thought knitting was weird - why would you do that to someone?

I completely agree with #4!

Hmmm... I like #4, 6, and 7. Great meme!

Here's mine:


Oooh, now you've got me wondering! Do I overshare? I'm sure of it. I'm not a close talker and I try not to be a one-upper. It's a good thing you found out about your neighbor BEFORE you became good friends! But something else probably would have tipped you off about her. I may not share someone's obsession, but I find their excitement infectious and definitely understand it!

I played along with the 7 random facts tag game it's here in my blog http://rightoutloudhandmades.blogspot.com/2007/05/tagged-im-it.html

An interesting game to play without using any identifying details. Hm...

1. Knitting is a big part of my life.

2. And yet I haven't managed to post about knitting on my blog yet.

3. This is partly due to a lack of organization on my part, which makes it difficult to take good photos of the things I'm making.

4. I was about to go on from one item to the next, but I realized that (a) that wasn't exactly random and (b) that might make me guilty of oversharing.

5. I originally learned to sew when I was four years old.

6. I was an adult when I learned how to knit.

7. I often stop myself from participating in memes like this. I don't want to fill my blog up with memes, but at the same time they do sometimes look like fun and can serve to dissolve a case of writer's block. (Being tagged for a meme or doing one for a contest is in a whole different category in my mind.)

Cheers! I like your number 4 in particular. I'd have said it myself if it wouldn't have made me a copycat.

If you like clutter, you'd love my house.

Here's my random things:

Because I'm loving the colour of that yarn, and because Malabrigo laceweight sounds totally delicious, here's where I don't overshare (or even closetalk) on the meme:

My dad and I are convinced that clutter is just the sign of an active brain. I just say I have my own organization system that others don't understand :)

Here's my seven things.

7 Random Things
1) I learned to knit and sew from my grandma
2) I sew for a living and knit for pleasure
3) I don't have a blog but I have a lot to say
4) I seldom win prizes
5) My biggest pet peeve is when people say 'pitchure' instead of 'picture'. Hate it.
6) I have never corrected anybody saying pitchure even though it makes my teeth hurt.
7) I have never knit a sweater that has fit correctly.

My house is very cluttered and it makes me feel comfortable. I clean it up now and then so my husband's teeth don't hurt.

If clutter is a sign of like-mindedness, then we must have more in common than just the knitting! I actually feel slightly uncomfortable in houses of people with no clutter at all... (do they actually live there? do they have soemthing to hide?)

And because who could resist a chance at Malabrigo ;) here are my "7 things": http://aemmeleia.wordpress.com/2007/05/14/tag-im-it/

Great things to share about yourself! Clutter does not bother me either!
Here are my 7 things!
1. People tell me that I am way to "passionate" about life - here is my answer to them. This is the only life we get, live it to the fullest!
2. Housework is LAST on my must do list.
3. I am a good listener.
4. I talk to my dogs (they are good listener's too!)
5. I am a procrastinator!
6. I don't know what I did before I started knitting.
7. I have a tendency to let people walk on me - I don't like conflict at all.

Thanks! Have a great day!

I am the hold-out! Haven't done this meme yet... but I am not sure I can think of some interesting things to share!

Enjoyed reading yours! that really is too bad that that woman mocked you and your excitement about knitting. She doesn't even know what she is missing.

I fear I'm a one-upper, although in my mind it's meant more to show empathy than out of a desire to one up someone. But I'm not sure it comes out that way...

My 8 random things is on my blog here.

I got tagged to do a 7, 8 and 20 meme: So I did the 20 to cover them all here is the link to mine:

Here's mine! (I hope Imanaged to fix all the typos!!)

thanks for putting a twist on this - usually I'm not one to join in, but I was tagged and did it yesterday.


I did it too - it was fun and after awhile I could keep going!

What a great idea! I have to admit that I don't edit my posts all that much. I spend way too much time doing that with all my other writing already!

Here's my post:

I'm a clutter-lover (or not-minder) too. I hate perfectly clean and organized houses, because they seem empty. I have my 8 things here:

Here are my 7/8-plus random facts:
As I scrolled through your blog before I started reading I had a "coming home/deja vu" sort of feeling, like this was MY blog. I think it is because of all the color photos; I love color.

Here's a link to my 7/8 things post:

It's so nice of you to have a contest! I agree with your #7 - one-uppers bother be the most. And of course there's the person who told me about her hysterectomy and drug-addicted daughter within 3 minutes of meeting. And that special 1-sided conversation took place between bathroom stalls. Ick.

Here's my 7/8 random things.

I also love color. Recently, I had to make a shawl for my mom and she requested just black. Teeth. Ache.

You and i are very, very similar, Janet (except for your beauty). This entry made me smile and made me love you even more - you are so special!


p.s. avoid me, too. :)
p.p.s. i use too many "!'s"!!!!!!!!!
p.p.p.s. there is no clutter like that of my home.
p.p.p.p.s. i'm not commenting because I want to be entered in the drawing.

Hi! I don't know you, but I wish I did as I don't mind clutter either and everyone I work with and everyone I live with DOES! Ack! I also abhor grammar/spelling errors and generally have to edit my own posts (in my own blog) at least once! (oops - probably just shared too much, didn't I!;) )

Anyway...my 7-things list can be found here:


I did 7.5. I don't think it overshares, though it is a wee tad small bit long.

1. When the temperature’s below 60, if my neck is uncovered I am cold. Period. I wear scarves from late Sept. - early May. (This year, mid-May.)

2. Sometimes I come home late/exhausted/tipsy and pick up a burrito/eat cereal like everyone else. Sometimes, as tonight, I come home after 10 p.m. and promptly mix up dough to make pizza from scratch. Or two separate batches of cookies (December). (I did cut the rise time way short.)

3. I never learned that you’re not supposed to talk about therapy or money or politics.

4. In 2003 I converted, full-heartedly, from Yankees to Red Sox fandom.

5. Starting a sentence up top with a numeral hurt. Ow, ow, rephrase!

6. I seem to have that “natural leader quality,” but I hate being the center of attention. If you sing “Happy Birthday” to me, you will not be invited to my next birthday party.

7. I learned to read when I was three? just before three? and consequently first-grade phonics drove me up the wall with boredom.

7.5. I use the word “whom” devotedly, though I also, to illustrate its absurdity, regularly quote/paraphrase Churchill’s goof statement “That is an outrage up with which I will not put.”

Please visit my home, it is extremely cluttered and you would love it. :-) Here are my 7 Things, since I've been tempted by the Malabrigo and hungry to try it:


7 things about me:

1. I've lurked your blog for a few months now. I like it.
2. I eat my kids' leftovers.
3. I prefer peanut butter/syrup on waffles.
4. i am addicted to my son's star wars legos game.
5. i've been knitting for 1 year.
6. i can't live without knitting.
7. i want my own blog, but am afraid of the people that read it.

Great list! I often notice your clear, concise writing -- well-edited and *not* too adverb-y. :) Oh, and your neighbor is a jerk.

My weird things are at: http://flintknits.blogspot.com/2007/05/misc-and-meme_17.html

ok, delurking for the contest. :) my 7 random things post is here: http://joyiscrafty.wordpress.com/2007/05/17/life-on-the-blogland-playground/
love your blog!

My 7 things are here:


I'm enjoying your blog - Have a great weekend.

Well I heard about your contest, so here I am! I actually just did this one today on my blog, http://isittimetoknityet.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/05/totally_distrac.html.

This looks like fun.

My list:

1. I am not a blogger. I start blogs, write in them a few times, and then forget about them.

2. I like to eat food off of my plate in a pattern.

3. I am comment-shy. I avoid commenting on people's blogs unless they invite comments by having a contest or by saying "what do you think?". I will also comment if a lot of other people have commented. I think this is because I am worried people will think I am blog-stalking them.

4. I like to label things with my labelmaker.

5. I like matchy-matchy things.

6. I like math. So does my husband. We will amuse ourselves by seeing who can list prime numbers faster, simplify equations faster, or recite the powers of two higher.

7. I rarely look up. If you want to hide something from me, place it on a shelf that is 6 feet from the ground or higher. I will never see it.

Apparently, I overshare. Avoid me, too.

Hi! Here's a link to my 7/8 (9). Thanks!


I am also cluttery and knitty, so we are likeminded in those areas.

You crack me up Janet!! You are the "thinker" in the family! Gosh we are so different in so many ways, but alike in so many ways! You will laugh at my 7 ramdom things, but here goes....
1. If you don't use it in a year, get rid of it!! Clutter ...Yikes
2. I love my sisters even more than I thought I could
3. I love my dogs and they love me unconditionally
4. I love to be creative
5. You can never have too many shoes, purses or scented candles!
6. I am so blessed to have survived February 7, 2007
7. I love pens and paper

Not sure if it's too late for your little meme-contest, but here's the link if you are interested


I am also a stickler for grammatical/spelling errors, they drive me nuts...biggest irritation: the your/you're confusion!

Hi! I've been away and am just catching up, found you at Chris's. Here's the link to my list of eight things, http://knitnzu.livejournal.com/2007/05/20/. Though I think I'd change a couple. Maybe switch the toe thing for >20 years of martial arts!

love that urban dictionary.....I must have had my "head in the sand" I think they should add that....I too can't take close talkers!!! AHHHH!

Hope the festivities are going well!
They grow up too fast!
My random seven...

1. I love little boxes and containers. Sometimes the boxes are empty, but most boxes hold something.
2. I feel nervous if I have a lot of stash. Therefore I only buy yarn for a project or two at a time, knit it, then buy for the next projects.
3. I played the clarinet in High School.
4. I grew up on military bases in Europe.
5. Someday I would like to move to the West Coast.
6. Spending time by myself is important to me.
7. I love Talk Radio and Opera.

LOL @ your meme!!

Yeah I hate them too!! UGH!

#3 & #4 HA!!

And PLEASE tell me if I have any grammatical errors in my blog..I won't mind! I am sure mine are dripping with them! :oD