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I'm not short on ideas . . . I'm just short

I'm not short on ideas or inspiration but I do sometimes lack focus and discipline. No surprise there! But having put some of my ideas and thoughts out there, I feel I have a responsibility to at least update on my progress.

First, I want to mention that there's nothing at Ravelry any of you are missing out on if you're not "in" yet. When you get your invitation, you'll catch up quickly if you're already taking photos of your knits and stash and uploading them to Flickr. It's a database and an organization tool. If there's one thing that Ravelry will give you that is currently impossible or unwieldy to do, is a quick way of figuring out who has knit something -- the Monkey socks, for instance. (And you won't believe how many people have knit Monkey).

All of this organization has tied in nicely with what I was already doing in preparation for my new Etsy venture. I always do a major purge and declutter right before I launch something new and this is no exception. It has helped to contain information somewhere in addition to this blog. (There's nothing over there that isn't here, btw). The backstory -- one of the most effective time management books for me is Getting Things Done by David Allen. Ravelry is a collection bucket. It won't replace blogging (at least I hope it doesn't make you all stop blogging) and it's not a social networking site (I thought it was a knitter's version of MySpace -- it's not). So don't despair if you're not in yet. You will be. And with that, I'll now shut up about Ravelry.

Much more importantly, I have a few things I want to share that have inspired me - this lovely project bag from Lisa L handmade by her friend from recycled kimono fabric:

(There's a Monkey inside)

and a Zakka Bag from Nora:


with some stitch markers:


And while you're clicking, please go see this lovely Kusha Kusha scarf that Kat knit. It was even beautiful before she felted it. Someday I'll knit my own Kusha Kusha

Finally, this fabric I've been wanting for the Amy Butler Cabo Halter (I bought the pattern from ReproDepot over a year ago):

Amy Butler Fabric

Tomorrow I'll have more lovely things to post. It's a blessing to have access to so much inspiration out there along with so much kindness and generosity of spirit. Thank you all.


Beautiful bags - both! There is so much inspiration out there; just not enough time.

I'm so glad to read what you wrote about Ravelry. If I can't even embrace Flickr, I doubt I'd be able to keep up with Ravelry.

I like that term 'collection bucket'. I'll have to check that book out. I'm always in need of ways to help me organize.
Regarding the Kusha Kusha scarf, I wore it four days in a row. Once even tied around my wrist. It's versatile!

Re focus: Oh, I hear you! How long did it actually TAKE me to get that bag out to you???

Now, I have bits of fabric cut up ready for scarves but what am I doing instead? Knitting on a sock!

I *love* that project bag. This is one of those times I wish I could reach into my computer screen.

Beauty overload!
That's what you get for being so nice. Maybe I should give it a try too. ;)

So many pretties! Glad to hear you're still working away on your Etsy shop :)

I HOPE you don't stop blogging!

p.s. I cannot wait to see how your Cabo halter turns out. I've been eyeing that too. I've seen some really cute ones on Flickr, and yours is sure to be great! Love the fabric.

So much good stuff here! Thanks for sharing. :)

Gorgeous! Thanks for the Ravelry notification--I can't wait to try it out.

Very nice pretties! Love the bags, love the stitch markers, love it ALL!

Ah, bags. I am weak for bags.

Nice summation of Ravelry - I was briefly worried that it would mess up the wonderful bloggy connections, but I don't think it will.