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Knitted Clutch - Mystery Project Revealed

In spite of the lack of fanfare, here it is:


I've still head over heels in love with Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky, but I'm going to fiddle with this clutch a bit longer until it becomes exactly what I had envisioned. It will need lining and also a closure. I also want to replace the lower-quality ribbon for something a bit nicer. I want it to be rigid and satiny -- but not quite THIS rigid. I'll know it when I see it. This also isn't the color I wanted, but it's all I could find.


If anybody's interested, I'll write up a pattern (more like guidelines -- it's pretty straightforward). And here's a slideshow also.


It's pretty cute! I think I know what you mean about the ribbon. That one just seem "sheeny" enough for the project.

Love the clutch with the ribbon. I have some chunky creamy yarn set aside from long ago to knit a bag. Wonder when I'll get round to it:)
And I like the bag from your previous post, the yarn reminds me of Noro yarn.

I think it's adorable. The off white is so chic. Grosgrain ribbon can be elegant if it's done right... But you're right; you'll know it when you see it. I would love the pattern.

How beautiful!!!!

Love it! It's really cute and looks oh so soft.

Very cute! I'm looking forward to see it with lining and a different ribbon.

Very pretty! I really like the trapezoid shape. You'll find the right ribbon.

Beautiful! Very simple, but very nice!

Yippee and hooray! Lets hear it for the fanfare! It looks fantastic and I love the contrasting ribbon for both its smoothness and green color.

I love the clutch and would definitely be interested in the pattern if you decide to write it up. Nice job!

Oh she is So lovely... and the bow looks beautiful... once you find the right ribbon it will be perfect-o!

So well worth the wait!! that is gorgeous. I can almost feel how soft the yarn is through the screen.

Tres chic! I love Blue Sky too, I'm always fondling it at the yarn shop. I'd LOVE to stash some but it's never on sale! And I'm thrifty. :o)

Aren't you clever with that little slide show!! I would also love the pattern. It's too cute, I'm thinking of making one in black-for those special occaisons. Your's really is pretty Janet.

Very nice! I love the Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky - the stitch definition is beautiful, especially in white.

Love it!
It really is beautiful...I do love the green ribbon against the yarn.......yes, you will know it when you see it.....and lined, I want to see that! :) I too would love the pattern.

So sweet and lovely!

It's adorable! I love your ideas of adding a lining. Gorgeous!

Stunning!! What a wonderful way to use such incredibly beautiful yarn.

Of course we're interested - it's stunning!

Yeah! Very elegant. How about a transparent iridescent silk ribbon, so that the yarn shows through?

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