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I couldn't agree more.

Thank you everybody for the wonderful birthday messages. I've had a great birthday week so far.

About a month ago, I'd mentioned that I would officially open my Etsy shop on my birthday. I've decided to push that back a month or so while I work out the details and get some feedback on some of my ideas. Ultimately, I don't want it to interfere with what little knitting time I already have.

For over a year now, I've been working on being more self disciplined -- add to that a somewhat new fascination with a stashless knitting philosophy (and finding some stashless knitters out there in the blogosphere) and project monogamy -- i.e. sticking with one major knitting project until it's finished. (CAVEAT: socks are allowed to be started and finished at any time because there's always room for a sock on the side). When I first began to think in terms of seeing something through knitting-wise, it was so foreign (some insight into the scattered way I normally think). But I've noticed I'm more patient with myself than before. I know that when I make a mistake in my knitting, I have to fix it. I can't abandon it and start something new (ahem). If I want to move forward, I have to deal with my mistakes.

So, as you all know, I've graduated my first-born, and she's moved on (literally and figuratively) to the next phase of her life. She learned how to knit almost two years ago and is much more of a natural knitter than I am. She has a love for small gauge stockinette knitting -- something I never really mastered. Ironically enough, I wasn't the one who taught her to knit. Most of the credit for that goes to Mariann, who's also the one who taught me just about everything except the knit stitch.

There really is a reward to those who stick with it, face their mistakes and know when to ask for help.




Wow... so much to comment on. What a great quote. I love it! So true... And it sounds like you've got A LOT going on lately! Good luck with everything! I've recently become addicted to Etsy, so I can't wait to see your shop!

Also, I too am experiencing the benefits of the one-project-at-a-time philosophy. I never thought I'd go for it, but I'm sticking with it and I'm actually seeing PROGRESS on stuff, instead of just starting a new project willy-nilly (did I just use that word?). Anyway, it feels great. I just might be a convert! :)

Again, good luck with everything! Sending you lots of good vibes! :) -V

What a beautiful family!!!

I can't wait to see your Etsy shop. I know it's going to be great.

Your family are very beautiful! I'm glad you have enjoyed your birthday!

Good to hear that you are learning to be more patient with yourself.

I was lurking and buying on Etsy for a year or so before I actually committed to opening my own shop. It helped me to learn a lot of ins and outs and avoid simple mistakes. Not all mistakes, mind you! But some :) I think you're very wise to wait until you're ready.

All ya'll are so adorable in the picture. Your daughter is lovely and oh my your mom is so cute! I can't wait to check out your Etsy shop since I'm not quite sure what you are selling so it will be a wonderful surprise.

You always get me thinking. :) I like that about you!

Lovely family!!

Beautiful pictures! Happy belated birthday. :) I'm glad your philosophies are working for you!!

It should be illegal for you two to take photos together. Too much hotness in one shot.

I can't wait to see what you come up with! You have such a talent and eye for beauty, Janet. I know whatever you do will be successful!

Happy Belated Birthday! Great family photo, and love the fuzzy white tiara (well it looks fuzzy/furry to me)! Hope it is the beginning of a wonderfully full and creative and blessed year for you.

Stunning photo Janet. You're all so, so beautiful. x

Oh, i feel bummed,
Happy Belated Birthday wishes to you Janet! To you and your fabulous family =)
Hugs, Olga

Happy belated birthday, Ma'am! :)

It's a difficult thing to reconcile and embrace, that teetering balance between having the process be the end-all, be-all, and having a finished product be the tangible goal.

I don't even know what an Etsy is, but I'm sure I'll figure it out! lol!

What a lovely family! Happy belated birthday to you!

Great quote - thanks for sharing.

To me, stashless, monogamous knitting is less chaotic...so I understand why you're feeling more patient with yourself. It is easier to go back and fix a mistake when your focus is only one project. Good for you!

I can't wait to see your etsy shop, and great family photo!

Happy belated B-day!!! Sorry I missed seeing you. What a great shot of your mom and "first born". You all are soooo beautiful! Hope to see you soon,

Three gorgeous women who have beautiful hearts as well.

I can't wait for your etsy shop. YAY!

Congrats on E's graduation!


What a gorgeous family photo. Belated birthday wishes to you! I need to check out your Etsy shop.

You've got a lovely family. Good luck with the Etsy shop.

Happy Birthday!!
Congrats on the GRADUATE!!!

WOW. All three of you are so beautiful!

Congratulations to your daughter. What a big step she's taken. Wonderful things lie ahead for her!

Hi Janet,

How did you make your website? Did you do this on your own?


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