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Mysteries and Mitts


The mystery project can't be seamed until it's dry. Thanks to high humidity and really bulky yarn, it's still quite damp. If it dries in time for me to seam and I still have enough daylight, I'll have the photo I planned to have today.

I cast on for fingerless mitts with my Malabrigo since I was waiting for the Blue Sky Alpacas' item to dry:


I cast on 32 stitches for the fingerless mitts and knit about 2-1/2 inches of ribbing then started on the stockinette portion. I tried it on a few times to figure out when to increase and set aside stitches for the thumb. It's really a joy to work with because of the variegation and softness -- I'm sure it will also make a wonderful sweater.



Janet, I have to tell you what a goof I am. Your faucet looked like a vacuum cleaner. I thought that bottle said "Soda" and the bubbles in the water looked like the tops of the yarns in a cream-colored carpet, and your knitted item looked like tire tracks. I thought the "mystery" was how you got a tire track on your carpet! LOL!

Oh, I bet that's one snuggly warm fingerless mitt!

Ooh, Malabrigo is so soft! I have a lonely skein maybe fingerless mitts is the answer. Are you concerned with how pilly it gets or is that what you're testing for the sweater?

What a tease! I cannot wait to see what the mystery is!

I already drooled over these on Flickr, but I can't stop! This is my absolute favorite Malabrigo colorway -- such cozy little mitts!

I love your photo! I can feel the suspense through it.

Thanks for the pic of the Malabringo mitts. I wasn't a fan of the color so much in the store (probably the tired florescent lighting). It looks much better knitted up!

The mitt is gorgeous. Such a red! And with how soft Malabrigo is it will be such a comfortable mitt.

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