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One of my favorite design blogs, Decor8, is featuring my current favorite color -- orange. Orange isn't just the vibrant color you see on my blog header* and in my background . There are other muted, subtle shades as well -- peach, pumpkin, persimmon, apricot and more. Lately, it's a color I don't tire of. Although I haven't found a way to subtly weave the color in to my living space, I'm trying. Slowly, I'm collecting the inspiration pieces that will help me display this color in my home without overpowering.


I love reading about the significance of different colors and why we're drawn to certain colors over others. Typically, when I wear a bold color, it's an accessory that I'm using to punch up a neutral or white; for me, orange means vibrancy, creativity, joy. I've found that most people feel strongly about orange -- they either love it or they don't.

* blog header designed by Fluffa!


It's so funny that orange is your favorite color. I didn't know that about you.
The reason I find it funny, is that it is my husbands favorite color too! Which I think is unusual for a man. I love it myself.

*inhaling* Mmmmmmm, just the thought makes me think of freshly sliced oranges! I also didn't know it was your favorite color.

Lately, mine has been red. I've worked it in a little here and there in my kitchen. I bought some red ceramic mixing bowls with white inside and my mother bought me a lovely baking dish with the same color scheme. Love it.

So now I know which color to incorporate into my future cards for you! ;)

Thanks for the color meaning link! I like that both of my favorite colors are associated with mystery and magic. :)

I have always wondered where you got (or how you created?) your blog header. I just love it. I so need a new one....

p.s. I heart orange too. I don't typically wear it, but I love it as an accessory.

I love orange too. I loved looking at the photos on the site you linked to. Made me realize how often orange (or a variation on orange) has crept into my life- from flowers I've planted to wall colors. It's so bright and cheerful.

And then, of course, there are the Oklahoma State Cowboys... :-)

I've always always always been a big orange fan. I even had an orange pair of painters pants with one of those orange combs for my back pocket back in junior high! lol!

Yay! Orange!

You know I can't get enough of that color :)

Unfortunately, my partner will not allow me to paint any walls orange :(

I am thinking about making a large throw blanket and pillows after that amazing picture you shared a while back (the copper blanket from W).


Growing up orange was always my brother's favorite color so it was 'off limits', but now we've grown up there is enough orange to go around for both of us!!

Bright orange is one of those colours that I cannot wear. My Asian skin tone just clashes so badly with it :) but the softer tones like peach and apricot are possible.

I've always loved your blog header and orange-y background.

You're right - the colours you mention are all subtle variations and I love them too, especially persimmon and pumpkin - believe it or not! ;)

Me again - the other day I was discussing you with Mr BDK and when I clicked on your blog the first thing he said was 'beautiful colour' - he then suggested I add it to my blog page! :)

I almost never consider orange a favorite color of mine because I can't wear it at all. However, I do love yellow-orange like in your blog design, and I like your photo. I'll have to rethink orange, but not as clothing.

I too LOVE orange....In all shades.....and when fall rolls around, ahhhh...it is the beautiful shades of pumpkin! I did paint a small area of our home "pumpkin" and LOVE it....Thanks for linking that site!
Your blog is so pleasing to MY eye! :)

I am beginning to fall in love with orange... I can't say I loved it before, but lately, I have been very drawn to orangey reds :)

I spy a pomegranate!

I love orange. It's a welcoming color (noticed that it's used in Howard J's and many restaurants), and it never gets boring, in any shade.

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