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Plymouth Boku

I'm going to share a blog I'm addicted to -- Color + Design Blog -- specifically, today's entry: Color Inspiration: Knit Socks of All Sorts. There's a lot there -- prepare to be overwhelmed.

I might end up having two blog entries today - one for a finished BOKU bag and a separate entry for the Blue Sky Alpacas project. Here's the bag knit with one skein of Plymouth BOKU:


Here's the in-progress photo I took yesterday:


I had a few issues while I was knitting with the BOKU - while I love the colorways (especially this one - #8), I had some sort of adverse reaction while I was working with it. I was fine after I put it away and I think it's okay since it's been felted. It was such a quick project that I wasn't going to abandon it, but if I was knitting something larger with it, I would have had to stop.

Behind the scenes around here, I've been brainstorming some HABU combinations (for myself and other HABU fans) and also preparing for the arrival of the supplies I need for assembly of my Etsy wares.

Here's a peek at the Blue Sky Alpacas item after seaming:


Now I need to make a trip to the fabric store for a wide ribbon; I'm hooked on ribbon right now.


I LOVE ribbon. It can be so much fun. And this bag, the BOKU, is so cool.

Gorgeous bag! Any idea what might've caused such a reaction with the BOKU? Thanks for the link - those were gorgeous socks!

Hmm. I've never heard of BOKU. It looks a lot like Noro, or am I wrong?

Thanks for the link to the blog. Very cool.

Wow, I can't believe I've never seen Boku before, it's so very Noroesque;)!

I'm so excited for you - it sounds interesting and intriguing.

Thank you for the link. I'd noticed that blog on my stat counter a few days ago and your link provided the answer! My Donyale socks are on there. :)

Did you see my comments on Flickr/Habu? Your taste is exquisite. I had a hard time choosing and so I await your reply. The final choice is yours. x

PS: I'll reply to your beautiful email tonight.

Beautiful bag! I'm glad you were able to finish it. Is there a weird fiber in Boku?

Was it like the weird reaction I have to most Noro yarns? I can't knit with them for too long, or my eyes get all puffy and I sneeze for the rest of the day. It is such a bummer, because I love those yarns!

Ooooh.... "assembly of Etsy wares" huh? I'm so intrigued!!! I've been wondering your Etsy store will carry. Be sure to stock up, though, because I'm sure you'll have a ton of visitors! :)

That is gorgeous, I must check out this Boku stuff!

You're on fire. The Boku is wonderful. The clutch... what are you looking for? I might have some more sagey satin ribbon around. I was my grandmother's, so might be a bit weak, but for this purpose...?

I just saw the Boku with a similar pattern in a local knitshop and just loved the way this yarn felts. Boku means "I" in Japanese by the way (used by men) and I'm wondering why Plymouth chose to use it to name the yarn by?! Your blog is so inspiring!