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We thought the blog was enough

We thought the blog was enough, the Flickr an enhancement, and the knitting journal de rigeur. And all of it is still good and necessary, but Ravelry is the cherry on the sundae. When you get your invite (and you will, I'm quite sure), plan to spend hours getting your projects added. It's all worth it.

(If you're a knitter or crocheter and you haven't already requested an invite, go to Ravelry.com and scroll down to the lower righthand corner . . . add your email).

The biggest surprise was how much knititng I have actually finished -- much more than I thought. And what I love most about Ravelry is that it is database-driven. It is something I would have loved to have hobbled together myself -- and yet, I couldn't have done a fraction of what they did.

I don't think it will change the way I blog, but I'll be linking to photos on Flickr more often. I'll be making it a point to shoot better photos of my finished knits also.

Rowan Soft Lux
Click photo above to see more on Flickr

And guess what else I figured out? I'm addicted to Rowan Calmer -- stashing it, that is. Although I haven't stashed any in 2007, I did buy a sweater's worth of Calmer in 2004:

Rowan Calmer "Joy"
For "Audrey" - Rowan Magazine 35


Rowan Calmer 2005 Stash
For Rowan "Soul"

and 2006:

Rowan Calmer 2006 Stash
For a future CeCe

Today I've committed to taking a break from entering stuff in Ravelry -- but that doesn't mean I won't be there scoping out what other knitters are working on.


Isn't it funny? You actually have to commit to taking a break from Ravelry?? Is it eating away at your knitting time yet? (It has for me!)


I'm waiting for school holidays to enter my projects. I can feel another addiction coming on...

I've been ignoring Ravelry, as I am already strapped for time. However, so many knitters love it. I just don't know...

I've been avoidign Ravelry for fear of getting sucked in. :) Love your hat with that pretty ribbon detail.

Ooh, I'm envious of you being in the Ravelry in crowd. I think something like that would be the kick I need to get back into my knitting.

I love Ravelry. Love love love it. And yes, it's a time-eater. But it is so cool. Does anyone know how to put a Ravelry button on one's blog?

Isn't it nice to look back on all your knitted items and feel a real sense of accomplishment?

I cannot wait to see your Ravelry AND your Etsy! (No pressure though. :))

I've got some calmer in my stash for Audrey too :) I haven't started entering stuff into ravelry yet. I couldn't even manage to post a single photo on Flickr, I'm so technically challenged, it's unbelievable.

I hear you about the whole 'Ravelry being incredibly amazing' thing...it is so useful to be able to see your projects and stash in gallery form. I also love being able to look up patterns and see what people have made and the different mods they've done. Let me know what your moniker is on Ravelry so I can see your projects!

i have been trying to ignore the whole Ravelery thing, but everyone is making it very difficult to continue ignoring.... my only hope of being saved is when/if someone tells me it won't work on a Mac...

I think it is going to turn into one of those dates in time: Before Ravelry (BR) and After Ravelry (AR) :)

Once all the background work is done, Ravelry actually *saves* me time. Love it!

OH, it works on a Mac...

I am plotting my project entries like there is not tomorrow. Galleries Away!

I haven't spent as much time on there as I could have, but have entered in a good deal of stuff. I especially like organizing everything in one place and seeing who else knitted sweaters that I did.

That hat is adorable and how wonderful all of that calmer!!!

*sigh* I have my stuff entered in a different database and I don't want to replicate it! :(

Gosh, I can't believe you bought a sweater's worth of each of those colors. That's a fortune!!! *sigh*