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July 29, 2007

Tortilla Girl Lunch Tote

Not necessarily knitting-related (but it could hold knitting), here's the lunch tote I got from the talented Tortilla Girl:


Of course, you already knew I was a sucker for cute, colorful and handmade. This is well-constructed and sturdy -- don't you love the just-right denim handles and the top-stitching details? I do!

July 22, 2007


Returning to this blog, the rhythmic routine of my life, will be a process. I've got a lot to share and haven't decided whether to manage that in one blog entry or spread it across several. I highly recommend a planned break from blogging. I'm renewed and refreshed. Thank you, readers, for hanging in there until I return.


Have you ever tried to chip away at something to uncover the REAL things? For me, it's been a process of doing this on my own behalf. I expose myself to so many visual treats and ideas that I have to force myself to stop and filter them for my own benefit. I reminded myself that I'm fortunate enough right now to be able to knit what I love with the yarns and materials that I enjoy. I don't have the luxury of large blocks of time (do any of us?) but I am blessed to be able to knit for pure enjoyment. So my returning focus is that I will be keeping that in mind (with a healthy dose of self-discipline) while I decide what to tackle next (whether knitting or otherwise) -- and doing so not out of guilt or shame regarding discarded ideas, but by aggressively pursuing what I love. With focus.

(I'm not officially back yet . . . but soon. I will be replying to older emails and comments in about a week)

July 01, 2007

Knitting :: Blogging

This is where I"ll be for a while . . .

During July, I'll be knitting and taking photos . . . but not blogging. I'll resume normal blogging and photo posting sometime in early August. Meanwhile, some of you might notice that Bloglines is updating, but I'm just doing some housekeeping (fixing broken links and editing entries) throughout the blog.

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