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Knitting :: Blogging

This is where I"ll be for a while . . .

During July, I'll be knitting and taking photos . . . but not blogging. I'll resume normal blogging and photo posting sometime in early August. Meanwhile, some of you might notice that Bloglines is updating, but I'm just doing some housekeeping (fixing broken links and editing entries) throughout the blog.

Interesting reads:

Cliches: Avoid Them Like the Plague

Groupthink on Wikipedia
Self Reliance, by Ralph Waldo Emerson


What do you mean NO BLOGGING?!? I need your wisdom, creativity and general nice-ness!! Not even a photo on Flickr? Please re-think. :)

PS: Thank you for those awesome links. I guess it makes up for the NO BLOGGING IN JULY shock!

It's good to take time and actually do the things we love. Can't wait to see the items you create when you start blogging again. :)

Enjoy your break- sounds like a great idea.

Have a good blog vacation! I'll look forward to your return, revitalized (I hope!).

Have a good blog break and see you in August!

Have a nice blog vacation ;)

Sometimes we all need to declutter and simplify. Know that you'll be missed, but enjoy your break!

Enjoy your break :)

Enjoy your break and summer!

Enjoy the time off -- we'll be waiting in Bloglines when you get back! xo

Have a great blog vacation! I'll miss ya!

P.S. Groupthink...? Sounds kinda like mob mentality...

....even tho I don't always comment I do come by everyday so I will miss you.

Enjoy Janet!

....even tho I don't always comment I do come by everyday so I will miss you.

Enjoy Janet!

Ah! Miss you! Come back!

hope you are having a wonderful little break.....i think that is a fabulous idea!

I think at my previous job, I was totally anti-Groupthink...which is probably why I'm not there any more :(
Very cool links!


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