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Tortilla Girl Lunch Tote

Not necessarily knitting-related (but it could hold knitting), here's the lunch tote I got from the talented Tortilla Girl:


Of course, you already knew I was a sucker for cute, colorful and handmade. This is well-constructed and sturdy -- don't you love the just-right denim handles and the top-stitching details? I do!


So cheerful! Is it oilcloth? It looks *great* on your blog!

I love it! Last year I received a pillow in this same material except the background color is black.

That bag is wonderful! Adore the skull print on it.

Beautiful tote! Becky rocks, doesn't she!

What a fun bag!!!

awesome bag, love the day of the dead look fabric... what is the body made out of (fabric wise) canvas? Great present!

I purchased that bag too in the black fabric. I do use mine as a knitting bag. However, my teen has her eyes on it, so I am not sure how long I can hang on to it.

Love it! I really like all the colors and how bright it is. :)

Wow--that bag is killing me, I love it!!!

Couldn't stand it! I had to have that bag and just ordered it this morning when I saw she only had one left.

Thanks for being a bad influence! ;)

Cute "Day of the Dead"esque bag!

Oh, you are a SWEETHEART. I'm honored you like my calaveras bag enough to feature it on your fab blog! Thank you Miss Janet. You are a golden goddess :-)

Love it!

Love that bag! I had to order one. Sorry to be a copycat. :-)

I am TOTALLY addicted to Etsy. I think it's such a great site for artists, and I've recommended it to almost all my friends. I adore this bag, but I just bought a new knitting bag. Must... resist!

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