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Be thankful for your connection

Be thankful for your internet connection. I’ve always been grateful for my speedy wireless cable connection, but apparently I took it for granted. It will be as much as a week before I have my speedy cable internet back.

My husband has generously allowed me the use of his wireless card and his work laptop, but I would feel a little guilty using his computer to browse celebrity gossip blogs. Instead, I limit my time on his laptop to reading my favorite knitting blogs and uploading images to Flickr. I use a dial-up connection (averaging a mere 45.2 kbps) when I need to download my emails. And yet – I can’t complain about how much more productive I’ve been since my connection fried. My Habu scarf has grown and I’m now on the portion of the scarf where I’m knitting solely with the silk stainless steel “thread.” I’ve not yet reached that happy state of knitting where knitting it seems to flow. I find myself wishing I was still knitting the combined merino/steel.

When I’m not knitting the Habu scarf, I’m organizing, reorganizing, and decluttering my knitting supplies. (Ravelry just isn’t very handy when you don’t have an internet connection). I’m reading a lot – catching up on some great magazines and books. And I’m writing – not just the blog entry kind of writing, but real writing. I’ve also baked a lot of cookies and gone to the movies (Bourne Ultimatum).

Right now I’m at the library after a failed attempt at going to my favorite coffee shop to score some free wireless internet. Look what happened:


This isn't JUST the coffee shop with free wireless -- it's the coffee shop where the knitters meet once a week.

So I'm here:


It's cool, cozy and quiet. I was delighted to learn that they have free wireless and comfy chairs. I was going to finish working on my 8-Random meme (I was tagged by Kat), but when I sat down to re-read it, I didn't care for what I wrote. I obviously have some unresolved feelings about some things, so I'm going to deal with those rather than force my issues on my readers. I think I have to try to be a bit more random and a bit less . . . bitchy.


Sometimes I leave the laptop upstairs and go downstairs to knit, whereby I'm always amazed at my own productivity!

Hmmm, I'd like to read the 'bitchy' list. It probably contained thoughts we've all had - yet haven't voiced...

LOL You poor thing. I can't believe your coffee shop closed, but I am sure y'all will find another place to knit together. Still, bummer. ((hugs))

I never really found my groove with the Kusha, but I'm glad I pushed forward. I would also love to read your original list. :)

I felt the same way about the Kusha Kusha when I got to the stainless/silk section. Also, my internet connection was down for two weeks this summer and WOW I read a book or two as well.
It took me a couple of days to write my random facts list; some things were too personal and some were kind of sob story-ish. Sorry about your coffee shop it's sad to see a favorite meeting place go.

You, a bitchy gossip hag? This is a side of you I didn't know about! LOL.
I can't wait to read the meme. You're so thoughtful and self aware.
And what a bummer about the local coffee shop closing! Sadly, that happens all too often around here (just can't compete with the 'Bucks...).

Rats, your favorite coffee shop?? That gave me chill bumps just seeing that sign...

Recently our fave Chinese restaurant closed when we weren't looking and we haven't gotten over the fact that we cannot get that type of noodles anywhere else now :(
Hope you get re-connected soon and find a nice place to hangout for your knit-meets.

Wow...you're making me imagine how different my life would be without constant access to high-speed internet. Hmmm - not a good daydream for me.

(Glad you're getting so much done!)


Thank God for public libraries!

I think I would go a little loopy if I had to deal with dial up. I'm so use to my fast internet that I would probably revert back to just watching TV and not even bother to get on since it would just seem so slow.

I'm glad to hear that you've gotten a lot done. I always say I read more about knitting than I actually knit, so maybe it would be a plus if I didn't get online as much as I did.

I'll be waiting for pics of your finished items. :)

Yet another thing we have in common- celebrity gossip blogs. I usually read those before I get to the knitting ones. My dirty, little secret. :)

Oh goodness, and it was such a lovely coffee shop too! I just adore the fireplace there. What a bummer.

Alas about the coffee shop. :( I hope you find another good spot to meet. Bless the library!

I'm amazed at how much more I get done when I consciously decide to not keep up on bloglines for a few days. I feel a little disconnected, but productive.

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