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Finished and nearly so

I have a finished knit that I wasn't able to show here until my mom received it. Since she often gets chilly, I knit her a Sursa (Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton, Book 2) with NORO Silk Garden, Color 241. I knit it without a ruffle this time.


Erica was here this week and we caught up on some shopping. She can shop anytime and anywhere, and for me, it's something I have to mentally prepare for. We had a great time and also managed to fit in haircuts (both of us) and highlights.


Having another woman in the house changes the energy level and focus considerably. She's been interested in hair, makeup and clothes since she was able to walk and talk. So, once again, I have had somebody who wants to be with me in the bathroom when I put on my makeup and fix my hair. I've missed it. And while I tend to prefer to wear my favorite jeans and a t-shirt (the extent of my thought is which of three t-shirts I want to wear) everyday, it's not unusual for Erica to change her outfit at least three times before she makes a final decision. And that's not a bad thing . . . it's just different.

And because I've been in a state of near-panic over the realization that Christmas is a mere 4 months away (thanks, Nora), I've been making lists like crazy in attempt to feel less scattered. While I usually don't plan to knit many Christmas gifts, I have several December and January birthdays to think about. Capturing my plans on paper has helped.

Finally, not all of the knitting blogs I read are on my sidebar, but I'm working on adding them. Please do me a favor and leave me a comment and let me know your favorite knitting and creativity blogs. There might be prizes involved again.


you hold most of my favorite blogs to read, but one standout for me is "Little Purl of the Orient"


How nice that you and your daughter can spend some quality time together. I miss the days when my sister and I lived together and shared clothes and makeup tips.

Such pretty shawl colors; I'm actually looking forward to fall.

I think you already have most of my favorite sites in your sidebar. There are so many great ones...

the gift for your mother looks lovely. i'm sure she's enjoying it.

good question about knit blogs. have 3 to add at the moment and wish i had time to send over more. maybe later. will add your's to my list too.

mustaa villaa - http://www.mustaavillaa.blogspot.com
needles edge - http://needlesedge.blogspot.com
kat coyle - http://katcoyle.blogspot.com

The shawl is so lovely, Janet! those colors :)
I hope you are enjoying your time with your lovely daughter!

I love the Sursa, great colors. And your daughter is gorgeous!!

That Sursa is so pretty - I don't know what its supposed to look like with a ruffle, but I think it's so nice just to show off the gorgeous yarn and colorway you used. Also glad to hear you got some nice quality time with your daughter!

Your shawl is beautiful - lovely colors, elegantly photographed. Did Erica match the colors to her outfit for her blog photo? She looks terrific!

The shawl is stunning! And your daughter is, as always, absolutely gorgeous. Must run in the family. ;)

I like reading Girl on the Rocks - she comes up with some really cool stuff!

Prizes are fun, but I don't know that I have any links that are to die for, or to die without? Whichever. I Find myself jealous of your female companionship on this all male day. LOL Who am I kidding? ALL my days are all male. Off to play with my hair. ;)

Note to self: make appointment for cut and color....


I love Quixotic Pixels for her beautiful photography and thoughtful posts http://www.quixoticpixels.com/blog/

Lovely Sursa! So cozy for your mom, and I prefer it without the ruffle. I also really like what I've seen (i.e. the back) of your new hair.

We read a lot of the same blogs, but some that I enjoy that I don't see in your sidebar:
adventures of a desiknitter

eleven stitches




I love your Sursa - amazing colours and Erica is gorgeous - like her mama.

My latest fave is: http://www.anknelandburblets.com/index.php

I just had the Christmas panic as well! I think a handwritten list will definitely help organize my thoughts (calm my nerves). There's something about writing things down that really helps to clear my head.

Lovely Sursa, Silk Garden never disappoints...

My new fave is A Mingled Yarn:

Lovely wrap for your mother....I can only imagine what she looks like to have a daughter and granddaughter with those amazing looks! Girl time in the bathroom... TOO fun!!!

I recognized NORO anywhere! Especially SG and #251 :op

Nice wrap!

Geesh! I have tons of fav blogs!!

Here are two:


I love Nova's blog - Archivist on the Edge.

Its beautiful. I bet your mom loved it!

The shawl looks great. The Noro colors are gorgeous!

Firstly, beautiful Sursa, all my favourite colours represented there... bet she'll love it...

and, oh, there are so many...

Hege at Pine Cone Lodge

Nina Bagley at Ornamental

Christine Miller at Swirly Girl

Kathleen at Liquid Sky Arts

Anne at Knitspot

Anahata of Papaya Arts and other awesome things

Lara at Kirin Notebook

Then there's:

Marta at mwrites

Joy at Oh Joy

OK, that may be more than you were hoping for.... I'll leave it at that...

Sursa is gorgeous but it pales in comparison to your stunning daughter (who looks SO much like you!)

I wouldn't know where to start with my links - organizing them into relevant and regularly read is on my to-do list ;-)

The shawl is beautiful! I'm sure your mom loves it. I like the way the shaping is done to get vertical stripes.

Glad you are having a good time with Erica! Her hair (and all of her) looks great, but you should have posed with her.

Two blogs I really like but didn't see on your list are
Eleven Stitches:
and Knitspot:

beautiful shawl! I love the colors.

I love the Sursa, so pretty. Your daughter is gorgeous, too. My daughter is a shopper, too. It's all I can do to keep up with her.

I forgot to add some favorite links.



Both of these ladies are so articulate and fun to read.

Sursa turned out really lovely!

Erica is a very beautiful girl too.

I can't beleive you mentioned Christmas already?

Goodness, time is moving too fast!

I know the Sursa is for your mom, but it looks beautiful on you, esp. those colors :)