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Loops Knitting

Loops, Utica Square - Tulsa, Oklahoma

When we landed in Tulsa, there were two things I wanted -- a Ron's chili cheeseburger and a quick trip to Loops. I got both and wasn't disappointed in either. A couple of months ago, I ordered a pattern from Loops' online store and was curious about their store based on the photos on their site. As soon as I stepped through the door of the shop, I noticed how well-arranged it was. I also liked the fact that they carried the full line of yarns for Rowan, Debbie Bliss and Louisa Harding (probably more than that, but those were the most notable). When you visit Loops, be sure to check out the "Hot Loops" wall - it showcases their original patterns and the supplies needed to knit them.

Loops is a friendly store with helpful salespeople. They let me browse and answered my questions. Although I would have loved to have seen more handpainted sock yarns to choose from, they had plenty of goodies for sock knitters. I bought a skein of Trekking XXL to satisy my need for carry-along sock knitting since I'd brought no knitting with me. I've visited the Loops blog several times since we've been back and think every yarn store should have one. :-)

Tomorrow - a peek at my Habu stainless steel and silk scarf still in progress.

EDITED TO ADD: Thank you all for the warm and encouraging comments in yesterday's post regarding my parents. I have to stress that I'm not the one who has done most of the "heavy lifting" (literally and figuratively) with regard to caring for my parents. My mom lives with my sister Jayne in Washington. Less than a year ago, Jayne had open-heart surgery. While Jayne recovered, our youngest sister cared for my mom while also continuing to perform her duties as a television executive at E!. Jayne is back at work now, in her full time job as a loan officer. In addition to caring for my mother, she's now also the one running back and forth to the nursing home along with dealing with my parents' respective doctors.


What a charming store!

I meant to visit this store the last time I was in Tulsa (Christmas) but didn't have time - now I must go! It looks so cute, and I really like Utica Square.

That shop looks so cute and welcoming.

My mom and her siblings have a lot of challenges with my grandmother. No matter who does the "heavy lifting," it's difficult for everyone involved. Warm thoughts and {{hugs}}.

Sounds like a gem of a store. Wow, more power to Jayne!

This is a great shop! I've only been once, but hope to go back next time I'm in Tulsa.

I spent ten years of my life, taking care of a number of relations, starting with my great-aunt, and ending with my mother. Whew!

There is a wonderful elder blog you can go to for help, advice, etc. It's called As Time Goes By––what it's really like to get older. The woman who writes it is brilliant, and unafraid to address anything! Check it out.

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