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More Random - 8

My friend Kat tagged me for the 8-Random meme making its rounds on knitting blogs and since she was kind enough to tag me and I had the time to think and write, I’m going to oblige.

1. I try to be a good listener and I make time if I need to for my family and friends. It amazes me how often people are enormously “too busy” (and self important?) for others.

2. I believe that one of the things that has made me emotionally strong is growing up with my 3 sisters. Thanks to them, I can handle criticism, brutal honesty and insults without internalizing it. I love nothing more than a good argument, but I can’t handle drama queens, divas or whiners.

3. I generally tend to avoid large groups of people (either virtually or in real life . . . see #2). In situations where such groups are inevitable, I will gravitate toward an older or less-contentious person.

4. When I find something I love, I always want to share it. I find it hard to keep a secret about something wonderful and I generally don’t like surprises. Don’t ever assume I would love a surprise party – I would hate it.

5. I use Bloglines but I don’t have more than 136 subscriptions at any one time. If I get close to 136, I start unsubscribing from feeds.

6. Material possessions don’t impress me. Good character, integrity, and a quick and quirky sense of humor are rare – and those are the only things that truly impress me.

7. I used to be a compulsive worrier – I would lie awake all night and worry about things (i.e. imaginary tragedies involving my friends or family). The only thing that broke the cycle was the book, “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living,” by Dale Carnegie.

8. I’d rather know more about you than try to get you to know things about me, which is why these memes are so difficult – I’d rather read them than write them.

Thank you, Kat! Now I’m supposed to tag eight others but it’s going to take some time to figure out who I want to tag, so I’ll update this blog entry when I do.

If you came for the Habu Kushu Kushu progress, I've included a photo for you:


I have so much more knitting to do on this scarf. For the next one, I will stick to the merino/steel combo. There's plenty of merino left to have done much more. Lesson learned.


Oh your Kushu Kushu is looking wonderful!

Numbers 3, 4 & 7 hit home for me. What happens when you've read that book and still worry all the time? I've learned to accept my anxiety as one of my "quirky" characteristics. Thanks for sharing, and your Habu looks beautiful!

Okay, I admit, I'm incredibly curious about 'steel' yarn! Looks lovely, though.

Your Kushu Kushu is fanastic!

So thoughtful, considerate and honest Janet. I love how you're able to articulate what I so very often can't put into words. x

PS: Your Kushu Kushu is beautiful. Funnily, I had NO merino but 1 cone of the SSS left. I guess that's what makes each one so unique and special.

Seeing your Kushu Kushu really makes me want to do one, but I'm in wip hell right now and dare not!

Funny happenstance: my Bloglines reports that you have 137 subscribers to your blog!

I love your list! Number two made me laugh, because I have two sisters. I always think the same as you about what we're able to handle as adults after growing up under the watchful eyes of our female siblings.

Also, when I see a woman smacking her food loudly and exhibiting horrible table manners...I think "brothers, maybe, but no sisters". A sister would make sure you knew just how offensive this behavior is! Only because it was driving her nuts!

It's clear that you take #1 seriously. You have a lot to give the people around you with your gift for listening. :)

I agree that your list is very thoughtful. And I relate to most of what you said. Since I became a mother I've noticed that my worrying has escalated but I try to stop myself. Knitting helps, keeping my hands busy helps me not to worry so much.
Thanks for sharing your list.

I knew some of these, saw myself in some, and was surprised by some. SO, what's with the number 136? :)

I know what you mean about groups - do you happen to know your Myers-Briggs type? I'm INTJ - way, way I(ntroverted).

I am a compulsive worryier too! Should i knit this, or knit that... is a common concern :)

No, but really, my brother has recommended How to Stop Worrying and Start Living several times, I should go get it!

I am SO #8 and yeah what is with the #136 :oD

I have over 200 feeds now!!
But I actually plan to clean up house now. I am getting way too busy to keep up!