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De-ruffled and redone :: SURSA

De-ruffled and Redone:



I knit my first Sursa in my favorite NORO SIlk Garden Colorway (84) and loved it and wore it many times. Since knitting my second Sursa, I decided to take off the green ruffle on my first Sursa. I love it both ways, but the de-ruffled version weighs much less and the ruffle won't be the most prominent thing about the shawl any longer. I had forgotten how much of the Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky I had used -- nearly 100 grams. Probably not the best idea to use that particular yarn, but I loved the green so much. And now the wonderful reds in the Silk Garden seem to pop so much more.

Are you on Ravelry yet?

Ravelry has proven to be a wonderful resource for project management and planning. It's delightful to get reacquainted with my finished projects and my wonderful stash. When I dig through my yarns to take photos, I find that I am the happiest when I play with my sock yarns. (Do you think my stash is trying to tell me something)? I probably wouldn't have taken note of it had I not just read this entry on Grumperina's (Kathy's) blog: A Complete Knitter. I'm not ready yet to say I'm not a sweater knitter -- I think I still might be. But I don't get as excited about my sweater yarns as I do my sock yarns. And also . . . while I love the *idea* of lace knitting (and have the lace patterns and yarn to prove it), the reality of lace is that my lifestyle doesn't lend itself to the intense concentration that's required. And the message from the knit-universe seems to be that simply ASKING lace knitters for help will likely be met with an incredulous, "Oh that's so easy," (not for me) or "you should be able to do that" (I'm not). I no longer have anybody nearby who is willing to help me with my knitting -- lace or otherwise. I'm supposed to figure it out on my own. But I know that I know socks -- thanks to good friends and the internet.

And did you hear? I won something! I commented regarding the lovely sock yarn Brenda had on her blog and -- I WON THAT YARN!! How generous of Brenda (thank you!) to enable my shameful commenting and greed. It's a wonderful colorway that I think was meant for me and I said so. Thank you, Brenda! Go check out her blog, Molecular Knitting, and add her to your reads. She posts great cocktails made by her beloved "M." I rarely drink, but now I know where to go if I want to try to mix something fun. And there's knitting too . . . and sometimes beading.

Speaking of blogging, I came across a great entry regarding blogging: Remedies for the Small Blogger Blues. Some background: I had unwisely allowed myself to get sucked into reading what became an unpleasant thread on a message board regarding blogging. This blog entry was a refreshing reminder about where my focus should be. Read it and then go ahead and click over to the one about "branding."

I'm still trying to get in to a groove now that school's started. I don't have as much open-ended time as I thought I would, but I am making an effort to work on my goals -- even if it's just thirty minutes a day. During the school year, that will add up to 5400 minutes of FOCUSED effort towards something I want to achieve. I don't know if that's as interesting to you as it is to me . . . but, WOW . . . 5400 minutes.

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5400 minutes. that's amazing. and a good way to think about it. i'm inwardly lamenting what a return to work is going to do to my knitting time. (happy to go back to work, not so happy to loose daylight knitting hours). so your 5400 is a good number to focus on.

I always look forward to your posts because they are so varied and entertaining. I love the photo of the green yarn in the glass bowl.

And now, I must check out all the wonderful links. Have a great weekend!

Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad to be able to contribute to your sock yarn stash!

I liked Grumperina's post. I do like and want to knit sweaters, but on my terms, which is often not as trendy and "fashionable" as the magazines. I think we should all be able to knit what makes us happy without recriminations.

I hear you about the lace. I'm not quite ready to admit that I am not a lace knitter but I'm never really excited to knit lace projects. I would much rather knit socks or sweaters. Lace just doesn't seem to fit in with my hectic life style and I have difficulty reading from charts and prefer line instructions.

Message boards are not good for me. I'm trying to really limit my Ravelry groups for this reason and only use them as resources for my craft. I've gotten sucked into more than one negative thread that's given me an upset stomach. It's awful. I just wanted to say - I can relate!

You must have been an accountant at some point in your life! LOL You and numbers!! :op

Congrats on the winning yarn!

And yeah I am not sure if I want to be a dedicated lace knitter either, but it sure is darn pretty.

I must check out those articles.

Love the pic of the green yarn!

I think I know the unfortunate thread you're referring to and yes, it did turn into a very ugly discussion. People say things online they would never say in person, which I don't understand. Honestly, I love the ruffle-free Sursa!

You sometimes talk about wanting to be "stashless", but maybe it isn't a good idea for you. You get excited about your stash! (The sock yarn at least.) That's good enough reason to keep some around. :)

Thanks for the link to the small blog article. It was very interesting.

I just came across your blog today and it's lovely. I'll be reading some more. Cheers!

Lovely post Janet. I read a thread recently not dissimilar to the one you describe. I couldn't believe some of the thoughts that were posted. I was left highly disillusioned. Thanks for putting it into perspective. x

Congratulations on winning! I can't think of a more deserving person :-)

I so love the photos that you post in your entries. They're always so artistically rendered.

Lots of things to think about. Small's not so bad, eh? LOL And truly, for such a small investment daily you sure do get a huge return over time. That's definitely something to think about.

It's fun that you can give a finished project a new life by making a change like removing the ruffle.

I got hung up for awhile on the whole blog thing. No one put any pressure on me, but I felt like I should be writing this long, grandiose, descriptive updates. It's good to take a step back and decide what you really want your blog to be. It sounds like you have done the same thing.

Thanks for that link, such a great posting.

Another great post, Janet. I, too, liked Grumperina's blog about not being a sweater knitter. I feel that way, too, so what I am I doing? Knitting a fair isle vest for my daughter. Go figure. It's going to be a slog for me. Hopefully, it will turn out OK.

Oh, by the way, I have signed up for Ravelry. There are 15,000 people ahead of me. 15,000!!!!!

What a coincidence. I was just thinking about JanuaryOne and how she seems to be ONLY a lace (and sock) knitter, and then I read Grumperina's post and I guess everyone has their nitsch. Some people are method knitters, some people are results knitters... or something like that. I haven't quite figured out what I am yet, but I'm having fun trying! (I don't have the concentration for lace, either, but I haven't given up on it yet.)
I guess what I'm trying to say is, we shouldn't feel guilty about what we choose to knit or not knit. To each his own, right?
Oh! And one last thing! I myself prefer smaller blogs, or at least ones where your comment is addressed (or appreciated) by the author, and so I've decided to try and take a break from the bigger, more established blogs (I won't name names...) for a while. I just want to support the little people. :)
OK, this comment has become a post in and of itself.

I'm trying to get that minute-counting idea out of my mind. Otherwise, I will freak out.

About the knitting, I guess I am a whatever-I-feel-like kinda knitter. I love knitting lace, but mostly for gifts, because I don't wear it unless it lends itself to be worn as a scarf.

And speaking of blogging, I found this to be very liberating and now proudly display the button on my sidebar: http://www.tartx.com/blog/?page_id=233

The results: less comments on my blog. Oh, I can so live with that. :)

I'm finding Ravelry a wonderful resource, especially in thinking about future projects. On the other hand, I've never been particularly good at message boards, so the groups are just something to look at more than write on.

I love the green yarn in the photograph, but I love the composition even more. What a fantastic eye you have!

Congrats on the contest win!! That IS a good way to look at those little bits of time - I've been taking my knitting to work and going to a coffeeshop over lunch, for about 45 min of extra knitting time, 3-4 days/week. It's made quite a difference.

Sursa is very pretty - love the color you chose!

Janet, I agree. I think Ravelry is turning into an excellent all-purpose resource for knitters. Amazing concept. As for the blog stuff...there are many delightful blogs and bloggers out there...no need to ever clutter up your life with the snotty ones.

What an interesting post. I like the bit about the blogging. Sursa is lovely!

I just found you via Stacey! Nice swapping! I love your picture of the green yarn in a glass bowl. Very beautiful.

I came across a forgotten "note to self" in which I stated that incrementalism is the key to getting things done. It applies to so many things and to knitting too. I so wish I could remember that daily. I may have to post a reminder and the list of things I want to get done on my bathroom mirror.