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Ripple Blanket

It started innocently enough -- an email exchange regarding NORO Kureyon vs. Patons SWS vs. Plymouth BOKU and ideas for which yarns might yield the best end result for a felted bag. Less than two weeks later, after a swap that worked out much too well in my own favor, I received this from my friend Stacey:

Stacey's Ripple

I love Ripple Blankets but I can't crochet anything beyond a chain. And there's no "sort of" mentioning something to Stacey without getting a gorgeous blanket delivered to you in exactly the colors you had in mind. I mentioned wanting an afghan for my oldest son and while there's currently an ownership dispute between the two boys about this ripple blanket, the intended recipient loves it!

Thank you, Stacey!


What a lovely and thoughtful gift. There's nothing better than a nice throw to make a cozy night.

Oh my gosh that's gorgeous! That's what I uttered out loud when I pulled up your blog in Bloglines. So, so amazingly beautiful!

I love it too! Great colors!

i keep telling myself i need to learn crochet. it WILL happen one day!

the blanket is lovely - that's some swap!

I am so glad it's loved!! ((hugs))

Very nice surprise gift!

What a beautiful blanket, and thoughtful gesture! And how sweet to hear that the boys are fighting over it. Aw.

Wow. This blanket makes me want to pick up a hook and get crocheting. Lovely.

ooooohh, this is gorgeous and such a wonderful gift of time and effort too!

That is a fantastic blanket. Your pal Stacey is awesome!

Lawdy, these things just take so much work....but one day, I might knit myself a blanket.

Oh, how fun!! Great colors.

The blanket is beautiful and the colours so good together.

Gosh - that ripple blanket is beautiful and the colours great!!

hmm... maybe I should "sort of" mention something to Stacey. :) LOVELY!

How lucky........this is so beautiful! the colors are sooo perfect.

That's how I ended up with my Babette - I sorta mentioned wanting one to Stacey!! It is awesome too (yours and mine!!)

How beautiful! That Ripple has the best mix of colors that I've seen. Stacey is a gem!

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