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Knitting Socks :: Beginners


Trekking XXL, Color 66 (from Loops, Tulsa, Oklahoma)
Crystal Palace DPNs - 2.25 mm
Plain stockinette sock

I debated whether I wanted to post a photo of plain socks but decided that there are still plenty of new sock knitters out there -- and I still love knitting plain socks! When I was just beginning to attempt sock knitting, I remember being frustrated at my inability to find much for beginners. I needed photos (lots of them) along with clearly-written step-by-step instructions (which I almost prefer over photos alone).

So if you're just starting to knit socks or need a refresher, I highly recommend this Knitter's Review How-to: The Sock Knitter's Companion.

And though I've shared these links before, I'm sharing them again -- I still refer to them each time I knit plain socks:

Elizabeth Bennett's Perl Sock Program
Heels by Number
Kitchener Instructions - Knitty

For fun, here's an older blog entry of mine where I recap what I got out of Lolly's Socktoberfest 2006.

There are so many ways to knit and enjoy socks -- if you tried DPNs and didn't like them, try magic loop, or knitting with two circular needles, or one 12" circular needle (somewhat appealing to me).You might prefer toe-up to cuff down -- or the stunning logic of knitting two toe-up socks on two circs might be what you've waited for to attempt sock knitting. (Consider this a nudge for those of you who are interested in the idea of knitting socks. If you're not interested, I still love you anyway).

As for me, you'll find me with my wood or bamboo DPNs and knitting one sock at a time, cuff first. Always. It's risky (I might run out of yarn) and carries a low commitment (I might decide I don't want to knit the second sock). It's just my way of living on the edge, embracing the risk.

Thank you all so much for sharing your favorite blog links! I had some time to explore some new-to-me blogs last night and found or rediscovered some wonderful ones. I'm still adding links to the sidebar so feel free to continue to leave your suggestions.

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I am still learning to knit socks and I am so glad you decided to post your socks anyway! I have booked more all of the links! Thank you!!

LOL @ at live on the edge - cuff down/one at a time! :op Haha!!
I am too much of a control freak and can't do it!LOL

The world would spin out of balance without plain socks to balance the fancy ones.

Pretty socks. I'm with you, except I use magic loop--one sock at a time, cuff first. Maybe someday I try the toe up, but I'm not ready yet.

I love to knit plain socks, I find it so relaxing. And, I'm a cuff down, one sock at a time on metal dpn gal.

You know me, cuff down magic loop all the way. And then, today, I actually signed up for a class on Toe Ups. I haven't been able to wrap my head around the heel going toe up and since Cristi is such a sock queen, I thought maybe it was time to let someone way more experienced than I am show me the way. I'll let ya know ;)

We need a catch up session Missy! Miss you lots!

Great colors in that sock! A well knit stockinette sock is always worth a look.

I too knit only cuff-down. After knitting several pair with the length cuff I wanted, I realized with my feet (sz 8) I won't run out of yarn. I also use dpns.

I love plain socks too! I also love knitting cuff down with a 12" circ.

I usually knit the 1st sock to the heel, then the 2nd sock to the heel etc... Like you said, each to their own [and I know you'll always love me...] :)

Oh, and here's another blog link: http://redvioletblue.typepad.com/knitopolis/


I love simple socks so much, your are great!

I much prefer a plain sock (stocking or simple rib) for a "fancy" yarn - I think yours are perfect - they let the yarn do the talking.

It's always great to see finished items. Even if it's just simple stockinette. I just love seeing how certain colorways or brands knit up. So definitely post your stuff, because it's always awesome! :)

I can't believe her name is actually Elizabeth Bennett.
That's brilliant!
Thanks for the beginner info - I've always wanted to try socks, but I'm rather daunted - I'll have a go, though!

Always simple is the best and beautiful. I like your plain sock and its colour.

Plain socks are the best way to highlight such gorgeous yarn. And I'm with you, it's wood/bamboo dpns and cuff down all the way!

Those socks links are great, thank you. I am a relatively new sock addict, 4 plain pairs so far and now I feel ready to try pattern.... That yarn looks gorgeous.

Great socks, wonderful colorway.

I like to knit socks like this best.....they are very relaxing....yours are lovely as is the colorway!

-It's just my way of living on the edge, embracing the risk. -
Lol, I love it!

I'm a new sock knitter (finally cast-on so I'd have something to show The Yarn Harlot when she comes) so I haven't found my comfort point yet, but I suspect it will be magic loop.

Love the sock. Those are some of my favorite colors. Plain socks are so easy to take along when you need something to occupy your hands. I'm glad you posted these lovely socks.

some yarns do look best with a simple pattern. There is a meditative quality to knitting that you can just do by feel. Nice way to show off a lovely yarn - well done!

Of course you should post a photo. They're great!

You are absolutely right about your post re: plain socks. It took me so many!! months trying the different methods, yarns, patterns, restarting, frogging - you get it. I finally made a pair!! I was with a Koigu speckled colorway, bamboo dp's and wouldn't you know it, I did a second pair soon after! (Shibui Knits semi solids) Thanks for sharing - it is a valuable read!

those are gorgeous socks. and a timely post.

good to know though that those of us who rarely knit socks are still on the love page. :)