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Stash confessions *

I love the idea of someday being a stashless knitter, but for now, I'm not. My favorite thing to stash is sock yarn and I have lovely friends who are wonderful enablers:

Blue Moon, Socks that Rock - "Jade" from a swap with iSeL

I don't know if it's a good idea to wind yarn that you're not going to use immediately, but it's the only way I know to get an idea of how the variegated colors will behave. I was pleasantly surprised when I finished winding the "Jade" Socks that Rock. I love this green and it might become something other than socks. I'll play with it first and then decide. I can't wait to swatch and it might accidentally lead to actual knitting.

From Nora and The Knittery (Australia!), another swap that yielded two lovely skeins of cashmere / merino sock yarn in Deep Reds and Natural Cream (not shown):


Once again, I had to wind the red skein immediately. I received the yarn on the day I was going through old photo albums and memorabilia, so I photographed the yarn is sitting on top of the old black photo album (protected by a vintage handkerchief). Of course, I think the red should become socks. Cashmere belongs on one's feet, right? (It is unbelievably soft). And I might even have to copy the same socks that Nora knit with the beautiful reds.

In spite of shameful sock stashing, I try to have an idea what I'm going to knit (patternwise) for everything I stash. I give myself permission to change my mind often! But for the most part, nothing gets put away in the stash basket without an initial plan, an idea.

As I was composing this "stashful" blog entry yesterday, I cruised my usual knitblog reads and saw that my favorite stashless knitter, Staci of Very Pink, nominated me for a Rockin' Girl Blogger award.


I'm so honored! But I'm very embarrassed that I haven't yet mentioned the nomination I got from Liz of Athena Dreams! Thank you, Liz & Staci! In your honor, I'm going to listen to my favorite rockin' chick mix today.

And, to spread the love, I'm nominating Nora, iSeL, Stacey & Stacey. You ladies ROCK!

* This post brought to you by the name "Stacey / Staci"


I love The Knittery yarn. It just seems so much more substantial than other sock yarns. And the colors are so rich. Lovely. I didn't know that you aren't supposed to wind yarn you aren't imminently using. Do tell. Congrats on the nomination. I love your site!

Congrats! :) I have some of that yarn from the Knittery (in a chocolate cherry colorway) - yum.

Oh, this is hilarious!

Last night I drafted a blog post where I awarded YOU as my Rockin' Girl Blogger!! We are definitely connected/sisters.

Congratulations, sis. xox

PS: I love that my yarn arrived whilst you were going through your albums...

Wow that Jade is unbelievable!!

The Knittery yarns look so gorgeous and rich... the colour I wanted was out the last time I checked their site, but I am making a return visit there... hope your rockin chick day was ever so rockin...

You're welcome, Janet! You are rockin'.

I just experienced the downside of being stashless last night. I was finishing up the last few rows of a second sock, and I have no sock yarn to start another pair. I always like to have a pair of socks going, so I guess I'll go shopping today. :)

I like to keep a low stash too! And follow the same premise that if I have something in my bin it has a project tagged to it!
As of late, there has been lots of sock yarn too! And I barely know how to knit them but love the yarn! LOL It is so addicting!!

The Jade STR is oooh so puuurty!! :oD

Thanks for the nomination Janet!! YAH!

When I first found out the meaning of my name it was even more significant to me after all that I have been thru it literally describes how I can withstand it all and just will rise again! Love it!

I rock?! Thanks, Janet. You rock even harder.

I must get that Jade again; you are making me miss it with a passion.


Thanks, Janet! :)

I don't get this stashless knitter thing. I mean, what if you need a yarn fix and it's Monday and all the LYS's are closed? If you don't have a stash, you're in bad shape!

I'm guessing that you could no more resist the stashing of yarn like I could resist the stashing of paper/ephemera.

Yup, just guessing.


Hey!! Don't forget about us Stacy's!! We need a Knitting STA-C webring!

congrats! beautiful yarn.

Beautiful yarns, my friend.

Such beautiful colors! I like having a little stash. Mine has grown as I bought yarn for sweaters when I first learned to knit 5-6 years ago. I made bad pattern choices then, didn't finish the sweaters, picked up beading instead of knitting for a few years, and now I have frogged the yarn from the bad pattern choices, and I have a sweater yarn stash. Ravelry is a big help in this regard to be able to see what others have knit with yarns I have. I have hope that these yarns will become sweaters I like and wear!

lol! As I mentioned a few posts ago, I am finally catching up on reading your blog after too long away. I didn't know that you were already awarded the rockin girl blogger - you really deserve it! :-)