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Two worlds and a new knit

It’s been a quiet time – my mind is quiet, my environment is quiet. I don’t know whether to attribute that to having spent a lot less time online, but I suspect that’s a large part of it. I’m not as distracted. I see more.

Last night while we were watching a movie with the kids, I started something I could knit in the semi-dark. I’ve re-purposed the yarn I was using for the Garter Stitch Prairie Shawl – a dark green Cascade 220 worsted – to knit the Turtleneck Tube Vest in Fitted Knits (Stefanie Japel). The heat and the yarn have me anticipating cooler weather and autumn.


And . . . I happened upon something yesterday that I feel explains who I am. Two grandfathers, two lives and two desperately different men. On this continent was a man who worked in a West Virginia coal mine. Across the ocean, there’s another man who wasn’t a laborer – he worked in the insurance industry. Both of these men are where I’m from. And until yesterday I had never seen a photo of my paternal grandfather and it was completely by accident that I found it in my Dad’s things:

John, 1945:


I can’t describe how these photos answer questions for me, but they do. Pieces suddenly fit and I understand everything.




Wow Janet, what a special discovery. And Cascade 220 is the most multi-purpose yarn ever!

What great photos. Sometimes it's nice to take some time out for yourself.

I love older pictures. I think they speak SO much, but especially if you were connected to them, I would think. I am glad you have answers for yourself. Those are so important.

The turtleneck tube vest is lovely!

I echo what Heather said- a truly amazing discovery.

Thank you so much for sharing these details with us!

What wonderful photos! I love seeing what relatives and ancestors looked like. Mine are mostly German and French immigrants from the mid-19th century, and there are some grim, determined countenances in the old photos!

I just swatched for a sweater last night in Cascade 220 in a light navy. I got gauge, so I'm pleased.

Wow, great photos. I truely love to see old photos from my family, so much so that I ended up the keeper of a ton of family photos. Thanks for sharing your family with us!

Cool photos. I love looking at old pictures of my relatives. Your maternal grandfather looks so inscrutable in his photo.

When two worlds collide... An amazing discovery. I truly smiled when your page uploaded. Truly. x

Love the photos, Janet. It's fun to see the different cultures.

Great post. I'm really glad you have both photos.

That's interesting...although I don't know about your roots. So...Ryokichi is also your Grandfather? (Or am I being totally ignorant here?)

What a great find. Thanks for sharing such great photos. It's always interesting to know where we came from and how they've carved a path for us.

I'm sooo happy for you! What a wonderful coincidence!

And hello? That tank/vest/sweater? Gorgeous!

What a great discovery!

What a great find. There's such a simplistic beauty in the old photos.

Both those photos are treasures.

that's pretty cool - those pictures. i'm finally at a point in my life where i would really appreciate some find like that. it's priceless.

those are fantastic photos. I wish I had photos of both my grandfathers--but they are fairly tough to track down.

Oh! those are two beautiful photos! What a treasure!

That second picture is beautiful. He looks like a very stately man.

A handful of W@H ladies are meeting this weekend. The first wave started last night, and we talked about a number of people we hadn't seen on the boards in a very long time, and whom we missed. You were one of them, and I thought I'd let you know. I rarely comment on your blog because I'm knit-clueless, but I love seeing all the pieces/pictures. I am hunting my family heritage as well. You found a great treasure and I'm so happy for you.

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