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Imaginary blog entries

It feels like I posted blog entries since last week, but I guess I only wrote them in my head.

I have some overdue thanks to post and one of them is for an impromptu Back2School swap I joined at the last minute. My swap partner was Stacey of Crimson Purl. Even though this swap was open to anybody (not just knitters), I was glad to be paired with a knitter anyway. I had a great time picking "supplies" for her and was delighted with what she chose for me:


She included a cute hand-stamped card and everything was packed inside a plastic pencil box with a lime green lid -- there were yellow and orange star-shaped Post-it® notes, Post-it® tape flags, orange highlighter tape (knitters -- are you using this tape?), mini mechanical pencils, highlighters, a spiral-bound notepad and a book cover. I love the thoughtful touch of her having color-coordinated everything. Thank you, Miss Stacey!


Oh man - how did I miss that swap! I'm a school supply addict. I can't find that Highlighter tape anywhere though???

Janet - oh my goodness - the title and first sentence of this post describes my whole blogging existence! In my mind, I blog every day. This reminds me - I have an unpublished post that needs publishing! Thanks for the laugh.

As for the highlighter tape - I'm intrigued. What is it? I think I need some. I'm pretty sure that it's crucial.

What fabulous goodies! I have to track down some of that highlighter tape...

oh this kind of stuff is right up my alley! love that tape!

Ooh, I think I love school supplies just as much as I love yarn. You should see inside my school bag...I'm such a nerd. :)

Great supplies! I'm semi-obsessed with office supplies and just love pens. Yeah, I'm kinda weird..hehe

LOL @ imaginary blogs I do those too b/c sometimes I have too much to say and can't get it all out! Haha!

So glad we were matched too! I was relieved when I discovered you were a knitter and delighted to know you make stanps! :op

How did you end up hearing about the swap??

How fun, Stacey has a great eye for color!

The highlighter tape is new to me. I'll be looking for it on my next trip to the store.

I sometimes want to go back to school just to have a reason to go back to school supply shopping. What a nice gift you got!

I'm just catching up on blog reading, but had to say I can identify with blogs written in your head. It's plain to see that entries don't get actually posted very often on my blog, but boy, you should see all the stuff I've written in my head!

Isn't back to school a special time? The paper, the notebooks, the pens and pencils and cool post-it stuff. Who doesn't love that?

Oh my Gawd! and here I thought I was the only one that wrote imaginary blog posts in my head.

I'm always surprised when what I've written really isn't out there. Think I've actually begun to post in my dreams.