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I've been here before :: Doldrums

I'm in the knitting doldrums and since I have no progress to show in spite of doing what feels like a lot of knitting (Habu scarf, Fleece Artist sock, swatching for a Renee Baby Blanket), I'm going to share some belated thanks for a wonderful gift I received from Nora last week:


I was so humbled to receive it -- I had already admired this very scarf on Nora's Flickr so I was very surprised when I opened the package. The details, the fabric, and the texture are so difficult to describe, but she has generously posted instructions so that you can make your own.

For those of you who might be wondering if I'm working on logging my 5400 minutes, yes, I am:


I've been averaging more than 30 minutes a day because my goal is to be able to FINISH what I've started during a given block of time. Beading and jewelry is a perfect thing to do during a 30- to 45-minute session. It won't replace knitting, but I'll have actual results to show for the time I spend. I've been making bracelets and chandelier earrings -- once the items are gifted, I can share more photos. My "practice" earrings in the photo above are in L.A. right now but I already have plans for more of them -- each pair different than the ones preceding.

And for the local knitters, I'm sure you've heard who's coming to town next Tuesday, right? Stephanie Pearl-McPhee -- the Yarn Harlot. My co-workers and I will all be working Tuesday during the event, helping things run smoothly and assisting with the book signing afterward. Please say hello if you're one of my readers! I'll be taking photos before and after and might be juggling a few cameras, so I might want to take YOUR photo too. AND after this event is over, I'm going to have to figure out a way to go see Laurie in mid-October! Wanna go with?

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Yeah I don't have much knitting to show either!

But I love those earrings!! Let me know if you will be selling some of your jewelry...etsy shop?

And I can't wait to see your Yarn Harlot post...have fun for me!

Both you and Nora are indeed very talented! The scarf is lovely, as are the earrings.

How lucky you will get to meet both the Yarn Harlot and Laurie. What fun!!!

Beautiful earrings! I have beading projects that I haven't gotten to - I'll have to set some time for it like you have. I never forget my knitting!

Wow, I didn't realize you were trying to accomplish a single task in your "5400" time... that is no small feat! :)
Love the earrings - you are so talented!

p.s. Thanks for the WOXY link!! Love it! (KEXP in Seattle is similar, but it's nice to have options...)

Wow--gorgeous, gorgeous colors. You are sooooo lucky. A scarf from Black Dog Knits *and* you get to see the Yarn Harlot? I...I...I...

I can't tell you how jealous I am. I was going to try, but I really can't.

Such pretty things to look at *S* The earrings look great and I am glad you are enjoying the process as much as the outcome.

Have a great time on Tuesday - everyone has such great things to say about Stephanie's events! I wish there was something closer, and I wish I could come with to see Laurie!! (Can't even imagine how much fun you and I would have!) You aren't by any chance planning on coming to SAFF are you? (she asks with fingers crossed!!)

Gorgeous earrings! You're so crafty. :)

beautiful scarf from nora and those earrings!!! so gorgeous. they look romantic.

Such neat earrings! And I so envy your obi scarf -- beautiful. That Nora is a gem. :)

You lucky thing! Noras stuff is so gorgeous. The earrings you have made are beautiful. Don't work too hard at the event!

Gift from Nora - lucky you! I love your earrings - marcasite and red beads - two of my favourite things!!

Nora is such a love, isn't she? And thanks for turning me on to the Somoko, I love it...

I will be there on the 19th (Wednesday) to see the Harlot as well! I'm very excited that I finally was able to get a ride. (Seems the doldrums are going around.. that's the title of my last post too!! How weird!)

Beautiful earrings Janet! I love beading too - sometimes even more than knitting.

Enjoy your scarf.

What a lovely gift!! Oh, have fun Tuesday - that seems like a very interesting event to work. :)

I think there will be a good turn out for the Yarn Harlot, though I won't be one of the crowd. Considered going, but decided it's too far of a drive for a week night. Have fun!

What beautiful earrings. Hope you survive the rabid Harlot fans :)

You MADE those earrings? They are SO beautiful! Amazing! Amazing! I looooove them!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow night!

Well done on the earrings! Very good uniform wire loops.

I hope all goes well with the Yarn Harlot's visit!

The earrings are beautiful!

I've been doing more knitting and no blogging...It seems like there is time and energy to do only one of the two!