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This train has flown off the rails

Friends, I'm starting to feel a little bit overwhelmed and out of control with my luck and my ever-growing stash. I've been trying to be honest in the recording and photographing the stash but (ahem), I've realized recently that not everybody photojournals their stash.

Ravelry Stash

So my secret's out -- I'm not a stashless knitter (yet). However, rather than knit it all up right this minute, I'm going to have a stash sale here on the blog (stay tuned). BUT . . . if you're on Ravelry, you can check out the "sale/trade" section for "TwistedKnitter."

For what it's worth, I'm a bit of a fanatic about updating my projects. I love the visual evidence that Ive finished over 60 things! I'm still missing photos and project notes on a couple of dozen items, so I could easily be close to 100 completed projects by the time I'm finished updating.

Ravelry Projects

I can't stress it enough -- if you're not on Ravelry yet, start photographing your finished objects (and stash, if youre so inclined). For great digital photography tips, check out Lolly's Weekend Photography Workshop. My own recommendations for shooting yarn and projects include:

1. Turn off the flash - you shouldn't ever need to use it for photographing yarn
2. Use natural light but not strong sunlight (pick a spot by a sunny window)
3. Get familiar with your camera's "macro" feature and use it

Those are just the top three EASY tips for ANY type of digital camera. In the past, I've failed to do all of the above -- but now you don't have to.


Thanks for the tips. I had just begun to come to similar conclusions, but it's good to know that I'm on the right track. My photos are pathetic. I don't think I will ever bother photographing my stash, but, like you, I am a bit fanatical about updating my projects.

I started photographing my stash when I signed up to Ravelry, still not on there though! I will keep an eye out for your sale, might pick up some nice american yarny goodies!!

Thanks for the photog tips! Going to look at your Raverly info right now...

hahaha! When I first read that "not everybody photojournals their stash," I thought you were talking about ME! I don't have 1/4 of my stash in Ravelry yet. I'm kind of afraid to.

I'm SO not putting my stash on Ravelry. :) I have most of it in a database on my PDA, but I'd like to migrate it out of that into something less proprietary.

Holy Mole and big fat cow! You are now frightening me with all that yarn and finished projects.

I'm still behind on moving photos over to Ravelry.

I've found on my camera that if I take close up of yarn or projects a get a crisper shot if I put my camera on "text" setting.

Wow I see somebody is getting busy on Ravelry updates!

Yeah I really don't even have a stash and I refuse to take the time to put it up on Ravelry! LOL

But I will be checking out your sale!

Wow over 100 items!! I am so going to be like you when I grow up! LOL

Yep I was so glad when Turtlegirl showed me how to use my camera when photographing yarn/knits but ur uh...it doesn't always work out that way! LOL Haha!

over 60 finished objects - that's amazing - and wonderful.

you're so much better than me at documenting. once i get the FO on my blog and flickr i seem out of steam for getting it on ravelry. need to get more determined with this.

I haven't started with the stash cataloging yet...not ready to admit to that part quite yet!
I am SO enjoying ravelry, but for now it has been eating up lots of my knitting time still, starting to level off a bit!
I'll have to check out the sale :-)

Ooohhh, I can't wait for your stash sale!! :)

Sigh. I am still behind 8,700 other people waiting to get on Ravelry. I have been photographing all my socks as I finish them though, so that should help whenever I do get on. I don't know if I'll post all my stash though. I love all your photos. They always look so pretty.

I haven't been posting my stash on Ravelry because my stash isn't good stuff... yet. But I do love to post FO's, am still working on some older ones and haven't added some recent ones yet. Ravelry is a great motivator to turn WIP's into FO's!

I'll check out your stash too, maybe you have the beginnings of my "good" stash!

that is some stash sister!

I agree with all your tips, esp. #3!

omigod, isn't it breaking your heart to part with your stash? Or is your resolve strengthened knowing they will be going to a good home?

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