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Yarn Harlot (Post 1 of 2) :: Cosmic Twist

By now you've heard a bit here and there about the Yarn Harlot's visit to Houston (Spring), Texas -- hosted by Twisted Yarns. I had a great time -- Stephanie was wonderful and gracious and VERY funny. The whole night almost made me forget that I had a dentist appointment the next morning -- for what was supposed to be a routine cleaning. Yikes. Nearly two hours in the chair, nitrous oxide and many shots later (and a sore jaw today), along with a much lighter bank account, I still feel too loopy to properly post the details of Stephanie's visit. It deserves a detailed post.

I really thought she would be funny JUST about knitting - and that perhaps she'd say a lot of things about stash and yarn that were kind of funny. Wrong. She's funny about everything -- things totally unrelated to knitting. And though I would like to share those with you, I don't know how. Just do go see her if you get a chance.

So instead of writing about my evening with the Harlot, I'm watching funny movies trying to get back in a writing and knitting mood. I emailed two people yesterday who I knew would get a laugh out of the one photo that managed to turn out okay of me and Stephanie (taken while she was signing my book). And I can't post it. (But if you're nice and I know you and you have a wicked sense of humor . . . leave a comment and we'll see).

Monday night I was really tired and my seven-year old son asked me to teach him how to knit so he could knit ME some socks. For me. From him. Soft socks, he said. I cast on some scrap yarn on huge needles and was sweating profusely trying to show him how to do a knit stitch. He ended up transferring stitches from one needle to another without wrapping them first. Because I was tired, I promised him I would teach him soon and help him, but it seemed difficult for me to figure out a way that he could grasp the idea of knitting -- because he REALLY wants to knit me some socks. All day Tuesday while he was at school, I agonized over it and he mentioned it again in the car on the way home from school. But I had to leave him ALL NIGHT to go see Stephanie speak. And you know . . . in the middle of the funny, she gave me the answer (and it's in Knitting Rules too). You teach a beginner to knit by casting on for a hat and YOU knit several rounds before handing them the needles so they can knit. By the time they're tired of knitting, it might be really close to time for decreasing. She doesn't mention purling -- instead it's "the opposite of knitting" (perhaps paraphrased). And I thought it was brilliant. So in case he brought it up again, I thought I'd have a hat "ready" for him to knit. I cast on last night at the boys' bedtime. My oldest son just wanted to be tucked in and my seven-year old was still a bit too wiggly. He sat up in my bed and watched me cast on and yawned and said, "I still want to learn how to knit," and fell asleep.

Here are the photos I've uploaded so far -- in slideshow format.


I think it's so cute that your son wants to learn how to knit!

Hey, IMHO, I have a wicked sense of humor. Does that count? ;)

Glad you had a great time.

Yes, definitely post the photo of you & the Yarn Harlot!!

(She was JUST in the Seattle area and I didn't go, because I don't read her blog (or books) but now I'm totally regretting not seeing her! Which book of hers do you recommend for a newbie?)

I'm so glad you had a good time. I wish I could have taken one of those empty seats! :D

Hurry and get that boy some wool and needles. That is fantastic he wants to knit. Better use of his hands than video games!

And I ABSOLUTLY have a wicked sense of humor!

Ok, if you don't post that photo soon I'LL POST IT TO FLICKR AND SEND IT TO STEPHANIE!! :))

PS: I'm very interested in teaching a 7yr old to knit so I'll be following your progress.

That is the sweetest thing I've ever heard! He wants to knit you socks! What an expression of love. :o)

btw, you know me and I'm wickedly humorous. Well, maybe not that last, but you do know me! Sorta.

Ooh I have been hearing so much about her. She was just in ATL last night...but I couldn't make my way there unfortunately. Hopefully one day soon I will be able to see her. And course I want to see that special pic of you and her together! :o) E-mail me!
Thanks for the slideshow too!

How PRECIOUS your son wants to knit you up some socks and so determined to do so!!! Love it!

I have also heard that you could give him a little chant to memorize what to do. Something like...."The rabbit goes IN the hole, AROUND the bend, and THRU the window/door/or something like that LOL

You get the idea....but of course that is for American knitting and I am not a thrower :op

Have you seen Melanie Falick's Kids Knitting? It's a good one for teaching how to knit. There are some simple socks in there too. I'm curious about the photo.

wow, that is an amazing son you've got. so caring and sweet.

on the photo thing, i'm nice, (well sort of) and have a sense of humor and am very curious, i didn't know you have a book. does curious count?

:) i'd love to see the photo!

Your son, btw, is just precious. Wanting to learn how to knit so he can knit you socks :D That's wonderful!

Re: the other photos - There was a guy in a kilt. A Knitting Guy. In a Kilt. *swoon* lol :)

Photo photo photo. Please? *bats eyelashes*

I believe you got the better photo of David...lucky you. :D

Can't wait to see the rest of your report!

Oh, did your heart just melt when your son said he wants to knit some socks for you? Mine did! What a very sweet and thoughtful son.

Our group in Conroe is going to try to teach a Brownie troop enough about knit & crochet so they can earn their needlework patch. They are seven yr olds, so I've been listening for hints, and here's another one I heard: start by teaching the knit cast on. By the time they have cast on about 10 stitches, they already know how to do the knit stitch!

And yes, people are often surprised at my wicked sense of humor! ;-)

Great piccies, I want to see the one of you! I tried to teach my son to knit, it was hard, he was back to the Pokemon after about 10 minutes and never asked again!!

I had the pleasure of being the other person who saw that photo, and it is PRECIOUSLY FUNNY. You really should post it.

Looks like Nora is making threats to share it with the world, anyway...


You got some great pictures! But now I'm curious about the picture unposted.... :)

So cool that your son wants to knit you socks!

Janet, I love the slide show. It is such a great overview of the evening. It was fun, wasn't it?

I like Stephanie's idea of starting with a hat for a beginner, too. I hope it works out for your son.

And yes, I am trying to grow out my hair. I hate having it in my face, hence all the clips on Tuesday night.

Aw, it's so sweet of the little guy to want to knit you socks. When my daughter first learned to knit I started something in the round and knitted enough rows for her to see better. It's much easier than having to learn both knit and purl at the same time :)

Great sideshow. And it's just too sweet that your son wants to knit. Do post his progress. :)

Oh, Janet! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your sweet story about your lil' guy knitting. The image of you and him, knitting together just made my heart sing. And the beautiful, innocent act of wanting to knit socks for you. So beautiful and sweet, the love of kids and moms.
Will send you a pm soon.
Oh! I finished the one cable scarf knitted with the manos you sent.
hugs and love,

She sounds wonderful and inspiring.