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Yarn Harlot (Post 2 of 2)


I wanted to wait to post part two of the Yarn Harlot's Houston Visit because I knew that several others would end up with more entertaining stories and photos than I have (and now many of you know why I don't have a publishable photo with Stephanie). I wasn't disappointed! I've really enjoyed reading all of the accounts of her visit and viewing others' photos.

Here are a handful for your reading (and photo viewing) pleasure, in no particular order:

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One of the highlights of her book signing at the shop was when she picked up Heather's in-progress "sweater of many stitches" (on straight needles) and started knitting -- I got a good look at her method of hooking one needle under her right arm while she knits. Although I know that many people knit this way (including Deb Stoller), I had never seen it in person.

Perhaps to some of you who don't read her blog regularly, the reaction to her visit seems a bit overblown -- I think you'll get it if you go see her when she visits your town. And to Debbie in Georgia, I just have to say that I was equally as impressed with your blog entry about her Atlanta visit and loved getting a glimpse of your yarn store and southern hospitality.


I love reading the visit posts so thank you for all the links!

I hook the needle under my right arm too - it's a really fast way to knit [albeit looking somewhat... odd]. :)

Oh aren't you sweet!

That is a really great shot you got there Missy.

Yay, thanks for linking to me! I'm getting slightly less embarrassed by my knitterpation as the days go on.

Wish I could come out to visit Twisted more often - y'all made it so much fun!

Janet, I have read that hooking style thing before, and I just can't picture it. Doesn't that mean the gal has to lean to the right a bit? I would think that'd get uncomfortable.

I have read Stephanie's book, not the Yarn Harlot one but the newer one, and it's really good. (Can't think of the title!)

Miss you on W@H...looks like you're very busy with knitting!

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