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Feeling like Fall

Socks with Crocs
ONline Supersocke 100, Holiday - Color 90

Earlier this week, I shared my Socktoberfest 2007 goal of knitting socks for my family. My husband already has handknit socks, so I'm focusing on knitting socks for each of the kids -- and using yarn in their favorite colors.

My youngest son loves orange -- he even chose orange Crocs this past summer. His older brother chose a safer color -- blue Crocs. They'll each get socks to match their Crocs. My daughter loved the Madeline Tosh "Lettuce Leaf" sock yarn so I'm going to knit her socks with those. Can I knit three pairs of socks by the end of October? We'll see.

I also recently finished a basic ribbed beanie with leftover Cascade 220. I've got another hat on the needles but it's a "practice" hat for my son. For a number of reasons, his learning to knit hasn't been our focus this past week, but we have a long weekend coming up and I hope to take advantage of the extra time.

Basic Beanie

The thought has kind of crept up on me that I need to knit more for my family. I love the idea of knitting for charity, but I want each of my kids to each have useful things that are handknit by their mom. How shameful would it be if I knit hats (or socks or scarves) for others when my own kids don't have them?

Thank you very much to those of you who've helped me release some of my stash! I've figured out that the "stash" number on Ravelry is static regardless of whether a yarn has been moved from the main stash page to the "for sale/trade" page. I'm trying not to obsess about that too much. Part of me would like the overall stash number to decrease. Most of what I've released are yarns I've had for two or more years -- some are yarns I purchased as a new knitter. And there's a bit more to come if you all are still interested. It's very empowering to think about the future "dream" projects and figure out what I most enjoy knitting and what I get excited about. Socks. Scarves. Shawls. Hats. I'm learning that I like simple, classic clothing best on me. It's just all very enlightening and I hope to be able to work through some of my thoughts and put them here soon.

Last but not least, I put together a lovely bracelet based on some inspiration about the meaning behind turquoise gemstones. I had enough gemstones and closures to make two bracelets, so I'm keeping one and selling one:


If you're interested, the bracelet is $39 and includes postage and handling (now spoken for). As before, the first person to express an interest will have priority.


I just got the 'Lettuce Leaf' and I can't wait to use it! That sock is looking great...

I was wondering if you had made that bracelet!

It's funny, because all those years I was first learning to knit, I knit SOLELY for other people (maybe because it was all so ugly I didn't want to keep it?). But now that I'm actually kinda good at it, I only want to knit for myself. Hah! (But I still can't help wanting to knit for others... my mom deserves a nice pair of cashmere socks.)

Good luck with all your ventures, and remember, have fun with it!

The orangey colour socks are lovely,very Autumnal. I am finally on ravelry but have yet to stay in there long enough to have time to have a good nose around! The bracelet is pretty.

Everything looks wonderful, Janet, as always! I really like that sock yarn. I have some self-striping online, but I need to get some other socks off the needles first.

Knitting for your family makes perfect sense! I think it is taking time to knit for someone else at times, whether friend, family or charity that makes us compassionate knitters. I don't think it's "better" to knit for charity than family or vice versa. It should be what makes you feel best.

Have a great weekend!

I'm so excited for you! :D

i'm very impressed by your stash release but fear that i'm not at that stage yet. and, good luck with the etsy store. when they say make sure you have your photos and description ready before you list an item, they mean it! you can't save an item listing half-way through.

congratulations on moving toward an Etsy store. the bracelet is beautiful and i'm sure jewelry will be well received.

i think it's nice that you're knitting more for your family. my grandmother knit many classic and tasteful items for us. we loved them and wore them constantly. looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on knitting and clothing because well you know it's kind of like my favorite topic :)

Love those orange socks - fab colours!!

YOu can definitely do three socks by the end of the month - you are working away on them now! I do like that orange one ;)

I too was very inspired by your stash release. I am almost to that point - in the meantime I am doing a lot of stashbusting and knitting for family.

It would be a shame that your very own family wouldn't have knitted items by you! They are definitely priority!!

I am trying to finish up using this leftover Cascade 220 into a hat as well :o)

Congrats on your new e-business launch! Can't wait to see more of your jewlery art!

I just love the colors in that sock!! I know your little guy will too! I also know someone else who would love those colors.:-)

congrats on the etsy store!
that bracelet is fabulous!

you know i LOVE the idea of knitting for your family....love the orange socks for your son. i thought it so funny the other one chose blue....is he older? sounds like my boys......would they wear "homemade" sweaters.......????

Great colors in the autumn sock. Beautiful bracelet.

Love those orange socks!

That sock is so fun!! I don't see anything wrong knitting for family (and friends) - there's an entire school of thought that it's more useful to donate $$ than knitted items, so...

I love knitting for my family too. I love when I see one of my little brothers wearing something I made them.

i love those socks, my son loves orange also.
i share the same problem of not "crafting" for my family or myself. i keep saying i'm going to make quilts for my lil ones, but...i never quite get past designing them and buying the fabric.
i'm working on it though!
that bracelet is lovely also.