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Did you see?

My sister's newest reality show: I Wanna Look Like a High School Cheerleader Again

And she's the producer, not a contestant :-)


WOW!! That's really amazing for your sister. :)

Some friends were telling me about this show. LOL!

WOW! I hope it goes well for her. [Now I want to know who the winner will be.]

I'm glad you cleared that up!

Congrats to your sister! I am surprised that my family didn't tell me about this show because I don't even come close to being able to put on any one of my 8 sets of uniforms! Tradition at our high school is that at every Homecoming game, alumni cheerleaders come and cheer with the current squad, I have never participated, can't fit the uniform! Hahahahaha

Weight!! Something alot of us struggle with. I think it will be a hit!! Good for her, I wish her all the best.


I know a person or two I'd have nominated to be on that show. They still see themselves as cheerleaders, even tho they don't look like cheerleaders anymore! LOL!

Go SIS! I am a SUCKER for these types of shows- must remember to tivo.

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