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Leafy Lace

Pearls and Lace

I had some decisions to make this past week -- some were happy ones and some were not so happy. And on a handful of things, I'm still in limbo. This is difficult for a decisive person. I'd rather make a wrong decision than no decision at all. One of the easier decisions last week was buying the green Malabrigo laceweight from Stephanie at Spritely Goods. I have a stitch dictionary in which I've bookmarked mostly "leaf" lace patterns and I had to have this gorgeous spring green for one of my favorites. It arrived the same day I was using 4mm green freshwater pearls in a necklace. While my idea to use the two together hasn't worked out, I'm still moving along on a wonderful organic leaf lace pattern.

Other Malabrigo lace on the needles is the Pearl Ten colorway for the Orchid Lace Scarf. This is the pattern I won as part of Brenda's contest on her blog, Molecular Knitting. I've cast on and placed my markers but now need lace needles. I thought I could manage without them, but I don't find much joy in knitting lace with blunt-tipped bamboo.

Swatch - Malabrigo Lace
Orchid Lace, I haven't abandoned you

In light of all of this unfinished lace business and unfinished decisions, I want to share with you some things that dropped into my inbox this past week -- timely and unexpectedly helpful treasures:

From Ali Edwards' AEZine: Why Wait? - read the entire thing. Don't wait.

From Steve Pavlina's Personal Development Insights(TM) Newsletter (a brief quote for you while I try to figure out if the entire article is on his website): "How do you establish the habit of thinking about what you want? First, do your best to catch yourself thinking about what you don't want, and consciously stop and replace those thoughts with positive alternatives. It doesn't matter if the alternatives are realistic or not." It's a great article about consciously and purposely replacing WORRY with DESIRE.

And finally, another from Ali Edwards' AEZine: Creative Sharing: "Sharing information and concepts and skills helps us all. There is power in sharing - acquiring knowledge and then passing it on. One of the best ways to become ever more adept at your skills, and hone your own personal creative philosophies, is to teach someone else."

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Oooh, I just love that leafy green. Malabrigo has become my latest knitting love. I can't wait to see your creation.

Thanks so much for the links!

What pretty photos. :)

Thanks for those links! I'm all about replacing worry with desire. When I find myself thinking about things I don't want, I use it as a springboard for thinking about things that I DO want. Totally changes my attitude every time.

Very good quotes - thanks for the links!

Have a surprise day off from work today and was checking out blogs. Wowee, you post is going to give me hours of deep thoughts.

Found a new web blog
from off of one of your links.
I'm already starting to work on my Life List of 100 things. Luckly, for me I've got goals scattered through out many journals.

Thanks for an excellent post!

I like that. We'll have dinner tonight on the good china. Why wait? :o)

thanks for the great links, love the Ali Edwards stuff. Oh, and the leafy green Malabrigo with the gorgeous pearls, that is definitely not so bad either!

Life is too short to wait, we don't save anything for best in this house! I love, love, love that green yarn and the beads.

Oh, Why Wait? looks like a good read. I'll work on that one throughout the day - thanks!

Maybe you'll be able to wear the green pearl necklace with the gorgeous shawl?! The colors are so perfect together.

Thank you for the links. I agree wholeheartedly with the sharing process. :)

Your knitting photos are stunning. I'm about to enter into the Malabrigo "phenomenon" [after having watched from afar for too long].

great post. especially like the part about replacing thinking about what you don't want with what you do. timely.

in the spirit of sharing can i mention that i prefer lace needles on most of my projects but when i can't get my hands on the right size lace needles (limited stores here) i get out some sand paper and sand the tips of my bamboo needles. i use a fine grained sand paper and gently sand the tips rotating the tip as i sand to get an even point. isn't hard, doesn't take long and works like a charm.

I am a mega leaf motif enthusiast myself!!

Love that green!

Gorgeous greens! And those pearls are so lovely! Too bad they can't work into the malabrigo, but I will be waiting to see what lovely creation you come up with. :)

ooh, both those colors are fantastic!! The Orchid 10 is one I hadn't seen before -- gorgeous.
I have some Malabrigo lace waiting for me when I finish a few other projects. This is good incentive to hurry it up. :)

The green yarn is just beautiful! I can't wait to see what you knit!

i almost bought that malabrigo at stitches east, but went with the grey instead. Now i wish I would have gotten both. :(

Beautiful grey for the Orchid Lace Scarf! I want to get my own on the needles, but with cooler weather I realized that I need socks more. I look forward to seeing how it turns out!