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Be selfish

I worked today so you don't get an in-progress photo of the Leaf Lace scarf. I'm about one third of the way into it now and still at the giddy-romance stage. I don't get tired of knitting it and often have to put it away before I'm ready. Projects should always feel this way, don't you think? I'm finally listening to myself (heart and gut) and figuring out what I enjoy knitting and wearing. Knitters - just be selfish. Knit what you love. Avoid the pressure and the bandwagon unless you see something you really want to knit. Figure out what your "style" is. And have fun.

Pumpkin dishcloth
Click on the photo for more details at Flickr


A cute Halloween face and a thoughtful gift.


He's awful cute.....I might just have to make that for Trouble's birthday (which is Monday....no pressure or anything).

And, you're right. Knit whatever feels right to you! Say no to peer pressure. Except for beer drinking. The Harlot said so!

Don't you just love knitting those "picture" cloths? It's so much fun!

I agree, and I am on the verge of admitting that I hate knitting sweaters!

Really cute! Oh yeah, hard to enjoy knitting without being a bit selfish about it. :)

That is such a good point about being selfish. I get so sucked in by what the latest knitting trends are!

Amen! I so often have to knit things I don't love for the store. I give myself Sunday as the day I knit only for me. Thanks for your kind words about the store. I, too, am a dpn only kind of girl. I have tried other methods but nothing is as satisfying to me as those 4 little needles.

I hear you - on many, many levels.

Very cute washcloth! And you are exactly right about knitting what you like to knit.

Quite rightly said. Knitting should be fun and suitable for your taste.

I could just FEEL that *good knitting vibe* from this post. Felt good... reminds me of how much I miss it! LOL!

great advice!

excellent advice - figure out what your style is and knit for this. takes a bit of thought and practice but there isn't better advice out there. hope you have a good weekend.

.... that's pretty much the best advice for any creative output/person. Create what you love, what feeds your soul.

"Thank you for being you !!!"

Amen, and amen! What's the use of knitting if you aren't enjoying it (unless, of course, you have to cloth and shelter your family, but most of us aren't in a position where we *have* to knit for those reasons)? Sometimes we have to be reminded of that, thanks for doing that!

love the jack-o-lantern face!

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