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Socktoberfest 2007 Progress

On Tuesday, I finished these socks and have already started another pair (Lorna's Laces, Shepherd Sock, "Jeans") for my older son.

Finished socks

I cast on 56 stitches with a 2.25mm double-pointed needle but knit them for about an inch with 2.0mm - I used a simple ribbing pattern throughout - K3, P1. The yarn was enjoyable to knit with but had a weird tangled knot in the middle of the ball (while I was knitting the second sock). I had to cut the yarn and when I resumed knitting, the striping pattern was a bit off resulting in mismatched toes. However, the recipient totally didn't care and insisted on trying on the socks while they were still damp. He asked me to "make them dry" so he could wear them to bed. Although I had handwashed them, I crossed my fingers and put them in a warm dryer for a bit until they got dry enough for him to wear. He LOVES them. They fared well through the dryer and the washing machine (and dryer again) the following day. The fit is great with a tiny bit of extra room in the toe to allow for growth.

The best part? His reaction to the socks and his happiness with them. It is the most awesome feeling to knit socks for somebody who loves them so much.

Orange Crocs and Socks


How nice that even at his age (or pehaps because of it?), your son is so appreciative. What could be better than that?

Yes, it is pure joy for a knitter to see how beloved her hand knit items can become!!

I'm so glad he likes them so much and that they worked out. I agree that it makes it a thousand times more joyful to make something for someone who will love it. :D

Really like how those two socks stripes came out. Isn't it so nice to have your knitting appreciated like that!

Oh, Janet! I love your stories about your socks and your guys. Everything about this entry made me smile, but especially seeing the love that you and your beautiful children have for each other. And, of course, when the photo of the orange socks loaded the smile on my face made me look like a jack o'lantern! These are fabulous!!!! Can we have photo of them please on the owner, wearing them with his crocs? :)

Yay!!! I know what you mean - my SIL LOVES to get handknit socks, so she's getting lots for the holidays.

They are lovely socks!

Sweet! Cute socks and a great reaction from your son. What more could a knitter want?

I can just see "you know who" modeling the socks for all to see. I know he just loves them and loves the color. I do too!!
Great job Janet.

I can imagine the joy it brings to knit something nice for your loved ones and see how they love it. Beautiful socks!

aw, such a sweet story. How lovely to have your knitting so appreciated (and as it should be!)!

Totally awesome socks! I love them. I'm glad the recipient loves them, too.

that's so sweet. especially the part about him wanting to wear them to bed.

i love your blue edging rows.

It's always so nice to have an enthusiastic 'customer'. Love the socks and crocs style!

Oh my, those socks are fabulous :)

So perfect! I love to see a happy story. Thanks for being a part of the Socktoberfest fun this year, dear Janet ;)

Oh My .... how I love hand knit socks, so cozy and comfy. Love the colors you used and the link you shared [the sock poem]. How fun it was to visit here today.

I don't get to peak in on you as often as I would like to. When I do, I love to see the socks that you make because they make the wearer so so happy....I ought to know :)
Hope you are well

Thanks for the great picture, Janet!
There is so much orangey goodness going on it that, I can't stop smiling!!!!

you know...i read this when you posted it, and someone needed something, and i didn't get back to comment.....
i adore this little boy in his socks and orange crocs!!! and to think you will be keeping his feet warm with these!!! too cute!

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