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They had me at "space age polymer"

Comfort Zone
Click photo above for more information

I haven't tried them yet, but they arrived yesterday (one day turnaround?)

I taught a beginner's sock class last week and one of my students had several sets of these Comfort Zone DPNs (all the sizes they make!) in different colors. It wasn't the colors that appealed to me as much as the fact that they're unbreakable (I break my 2mm DPNs regularly). I'm not fond of the length, but I'll let you all know whether I like these needles. I just got the two sizes I use the most because I'm a bit leery of plastic needles in general.

Regular blogging to resume soon along with a free pattern for my blog readers.


I'll be interested to see your take on these. I don't really have a problem with DPNs, but generally prefer to knit in-the-round stuff with magic loop.... but wow, these came six to a package, and unbreakable! (DPNs are also useful for other things, including cableing.)

comfort zone....now that would have got me....
my fingers hurt from working on my socks.....ouch! (maybe it is just the constant knitting) :)

I have a feeling you are going to like those DPNs! Can't wait to hear your review AND for te free pattern!! Glee!

Interesting, but I'm still smitten with my Magic Loop... I'm just about ready to wind my Malabrigo laceweight. Just in time? :)

Yeah, I am sucker for plastics myself, hope you enjoy them!!

well, they sure look nice. kind of like your blog :)
I like plastic needles. But these look kind of long..

if i lived close by I would have been at that class! I think my new years resolution will be to get over my fear of socks. Its the DPNs that do it. Is there anyway you can knit socks on circular needles?

Okay...colours: No, plastic: No. Verdict: Not for me.

Free pattern: Hello? Of course!


Hmmm interesting. I'll be waiting to hear more. :)

I, too, would be interested in your take on these needles. They look interesting to me.

They look interesting. I don't use DPN's though as I do magic loop for socks. I just can't get on with them :)

I'm interested in how you like them - how long are they? I love the "look" of knitting socks with dpns, it's guaranteed to get stares, but I think I'm truly converted to magic loop now.

Mmm... space age polymer...

haven't heard of those. My Monday night roving band of knitters contains a bunch of sock knitters. Most swear by Knit Picks metal sock needles. Me? I rarely get past the heel on the first sock.

Wonder if I will ever finish even 1 sock much less a pair. Fear it would create a new national holiday.

Put them through a rigorous test and let us know! I have some old Chester plastic straight needles from my grandmother. They have nice points so I like them for lace scarves.

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