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Baby knits are fast

Even with a few false starts (I started knitting these booties but they were turning out too big), I managed to knit a baby hat over the weekend.

Baby Hat for Malley

For the baby hat, I used 2.5mm double-pointed needles and the basic hat guidelines in Knitting Rules. I use this book so much. I love how Stephanie's advice is sprinkled throughout the book -- "when in doubt, knit longer. A hat that's too long can be folded up, but a hat that's too short will be annoyingly tugged on for years to come."

My favorite: "Teenagers do not wear hats except in summer, while skateboarding, or as a fashion statement designed to humiliate or annoy you."

As for the yarn, I don't know if Claudia uses a different base yarn now, but it feels like an improvement over the two skeins of her yarn I've purchased in the past -- both in softness and color saturation. I still want to knit the booties and am fantasizing about de-stashing by knitting baby items.

I worked on Friday when the Claudia's Hand Painted Yarn arrived. The "Strawberry Latte" (above) and "Lipstick" were the ones that wanted to come home with me.

Claudia Hand Painted Yarn "Lipstick"

I'm stashing the red sock yarn and will knit a pair of socks for myself after the holidays. That should give me plenty of time to figure out the perfect pattern.


Baby knits are the best! What a cute, little hat.

LOVE the Claudia yarn colors - so pretty!

Those are both gorgeous colorways!

Cute, cute, cute!

I thought for sure that yarn would be called Neapolitan, since it looks just like Neapolitan ice cream! Yum!

I need to get my hands on some of the Yarn Harlot's books. I'm a recent "follower" of her blog, and I just love her sense of humor.

And what a pretty little hat it is! great yarn too.

Love the blend of pinks and browns in the hat. Yarn Harlot's book does make a lot of sense! Believe it was from her I got the knit a scarf as long as someone is tall advice.

What a cute baby hat! I love knitting baby things. They are so much instant gratification.

Red socks for the holidays are a must. You'll love them when you get them done.

Glad to hear your insights about the Claudia's, I'll give it a whirl again as that lipstick is too gorgeous!

Yes! Baby knits are super fast! I did 3 hats over this past holiday weekend! ;op

I SO need to get Knitting Rules!! Dang!

Love "Lipstick"!

The strawberry mocha makes a very sweet, but not too much so, baby hat. It would go very nicely with a basic brown all-purpose sweater. I'd like to see a photo of those booties knit up.

When do you feel Claudia's yarn changed? I think everything of hers in my stash arrived 4 to 6 months ago.

Oh that red yarn is just divine - definitely a keeper! Lucky you!

The baby hat is just too adorable. I love the colorway you used. And wow, yummy red sock stash. I'll be waiting to see some goodies you knit up with those colorways. :)

That red yarn is absolutely sinful.

I love the baby hat. So cute.

Adorable baby hat! I love knitting baby stuff.

ohhhh - the lipstick yarn is gorgeous. and think how sexy red socks will feel.

Wow, the had is adorable. Very cutie patootie.

Great hat advice. I have a bad tendency to always make them too short :(

you work in a wool shop? How lucky! And I love that red.