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Comfort Zone DPNs - My Review

Comfort Zone

Since trying the Comfort Zone double-pointed needles, I'm convinced there is a needle for every knitter. While I wasn't pleased with the way they worked with sock yarn (Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock), they might be a good DPN in the larger diameters. These small needles are a bit too sharp for me and the taper is too shallow for sock knitting.

But the biggest negative for these needles (which might in fact be a positive for other knitters) is that they are TOO flexible. I discovered that I prefer a heavier, rigid needle for knitting socks. I love that you can color code your DPNs and choose the colors you want in each size. Each set has SIX needles (rather than the typical 5) and I think that's a definite plus -- there are times when you might want an extra needle to pick up stitches or to replace one you lost in your sofa or car. If you're able to knit for long periods of time (I'm not), then the flexibility factor would probably help prevent aching joints. I don't have the luxury of uninterrupted, marathon knitting sessions, so I had no way to test this feature.

If you're curious about these needles, I'll be happy to send them to the first person who comments and expresses an interest.

Bonus vintage photo after the cut:

Janet July 1965

Milestone: Guess who's about to reach 2000 comments?


This is the first that i have heard of flexable dpns. Sounds very interesting. For some reason my dpns seem to have all come in 4's instead of 5's which makes knitting socks a little difficult because i am not sure if i can alter the patterns to use 4. Only one way to find out though so i am hoping to jump in to them this weekend.

Aw, what a cute baby picture!

I'm not a dpn person myself; I like the Knitpicks Options for Magic loop.

Congratulations on the milestone!!!

haha love the vintage photo! don't know why you cut it. and congrats on the milestone.

you know there are times when i've thought a more flexible needle would help but i suspect i'd come to the same conclusion you have. they must have someone else's name on them.

Thanks for the review as I was thinking about checking them out...and you and I are basically the same age!

Aw, how cute!! And congrats!

I am curious and expressing an interest in the CZ dpns. If they are still available....
- Lisa
Cute photo!

Great photo! And congratulations! Also, a good review. I also would find flexibility in a sock dpn a problem. I would think it would make it hard to keep the stitches tight.

Thanks for the dpn review. I tend to agree with you about the flexible dpns. They just aren't as easy to knit with. I haven't tried those specific ones, but I did try some other ones.

I like metal needles for socks with no flexibility, so I don't think I will try them. Thank you for the review, and the picture is great!

I have some of those on order. I actually like the flexible needles, though most people seem to despise them. My favorite dpns are the Ivore needles from Swallow, they are so flexible you can bend them almost in a circle.
Love the vintage photo!

I have seen these and would love to try them if they are still available! :)

Gosh,does Jack look like you or what! DPN needles, yikes!! See what a knitter I am not!! I just read the word "needle," and started feeling faint!! Everything you have knitted and showed on your blog is so good and cute! Loved the socks you knitted for Jack!

you look so cute!!

Super cute photo! Congrats on getting to 2000. :)