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Jojoland Melody Superwash

Have you experienced Jojoland yarns yet?

Jojoland Melody * Fraternal

I sent these two balls of Melody (Superwash) to Chawne and look what she cast on as soon as she received it: Socks of KIndness. The fingering weight Melody and the lace weight Harmony have been flying out the door of the shop where I work. Several knitters are using the laceweight to knit the Jane Sowerby (Knitter's Magazine, Fall 2007) "Ruffled Fichu" shawl. Here is a beautiful Fichu in progress. (A Fichu is the bit of a lacy shawl arranged in the bodice of a Victorian-era blouse - as in the Manet portrait. You and I have learned a new word today).

As for my own knitting progress, I've been swatching some sock yarns and evaluating my in-progress knits to see which ones need my time. Some projects just aren't good knitting when I'm feeling "scattery." When I'm trying to work through real life things, I often pause and go through my patterns and yarns. I find things that need to be frogged and I make good use of my ball winder and swift. Nothing huge is weighing me down, but a lot of little things. At times like this, the best project for me is often a plain sock. And music. And deep breaths.


Keep breathing!

Funny you should post about these yarns. I have finished a pair of socks with the Melody and am working on the fichu in the Harmony. I love the yarn. My only complaint with the Melody was that the color variation within dye lots was a little strange. The two balls I had were the same dye lot, but the color intensity between the two balls was very, very different. I ended up getting a third ball to try to match the intensity of color in the first ball, because my socks did not look like they went together otherwise.

I have some of the Melody in my stash... Yeah, music and plain knitting and long walks help me when things are weighing me down...

Wow that yarn really is knitting up pretty on that sock. I would have not imagined that at all!

Yeah I have a lot of "little" things I just need to crank out and stop avoiding...but I just want to do mindless knitting while veggie on some TV.

Things will get better soon J!

And thanks for the new word!! :o)

Just made a pair of fingerless mitts from the Jojland Melody, in the Amethyst and Emerald colour... SO lovely to work with, I have ordered more in different colours. Love the colours of yours here...

Hey girl, I have not forgotten you! I went to my LYS twice last week and they had the right size needles in on Friday, so I'll send them tomorrow when the mail is running again! Oh, and the LYS owner was knitting a sock out of the Jojo, so I may have to pick up a ball while I'm there, now that I've seen Chawne's gorgeous socks... Keep breathing!

Wow! That yarn is so pretty.

Ah, see, I think that why the new arm warmers and scarf came about for me. BUT I'm going to tackle a sweater again today because that's what I want. Scatterbrained or not. Yes, I'm going to fight it and I would appreciate it if you would not laugh anymore. :D

Have you experienced Jojoland yarns yet? No, but you post makes me want to!!

Hmmm after seeing Chawne's socks, I may have to get me some of this. hehehe Doubt that I'll get to knittin' some but you know how I'm a crazy collector.

Wow that yarn looks so great knit. I am absolutly going to have to get me some. Thanks for sharing so we all could see.

The music and plain socks sounds great. I like it when a simple knitting project calms me down than create more stress. Enjoy the little things.

hoping the things which are weighing on you begin to sort themselves out.

i've been skeining and ball winding by hand now for a year and am thinking it's time to get some equipment. do you have any recommendations for swifts and ball winders?