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Knit Picks DPNs - My Review

Bluebell Rib

Vanessa was kind enough to send me a surprise package a few weeks ago - two sets of Knit Picks metal DPNs -- 2.5mm and 2.75mm. Until yesterday, I'd never knit with any Knit Picks needles and although I was intrigued by the idea of metal, I hadn't planned to buy them to try out. (Oddly, I'm not at all interested in the Harmony wood DPN's). I decided to swatch with a pattern that had some yarn overs and frequent K2tog's in order to test the features of metal over wood. Typically, a K2tog or SSK with a small diameter wood needle will make me really nervous. I've broken wood needles (Brittany birch and Lantern Moon Rosewood) and nothing is more frustrating to this sock knitter than needle breakage. So, the biggest delight for me yesterday was the feeling of the total absence of worry about breakage. I chose a yarn that other knitters had mentioned was a bit splitty, but after knitting for several rounds, I was giddy about both the yarn *AND* the needles.

Aside from the fact that the needles won't break, the other positive features are the pointyness of the needles along with their longer tapered tip (a positive feature for stitch manipulation purposes). I also like the weight of the needles and the fact that the stitches on the needle don't "roll" like they tend to do on my Crystal Palace DPNs (my usual DPN of choice). I definitely enjoy them enough that I'll buy the 2.00mm and the 2.25mm ASAP. I'm curious to see if these affect my usual sock-knitting gauge and will eventually try them with Lorna's Laces to see. Bottom line -- I'm sold.

I almost forgot to mention what made me smile so big yesterday -- the pleasant sound they make when two needles touch. For some, it's not a desirable feature, but for me, it was.

For more reviews and viewpoints, check out Grumperina's post and Wendy's post about the undesirable heavier weight. But Stephanie has a great post about these also.

And please don't miss these two videos: Very Pink's Sock Knitting Style and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Sock Knitting Method.

A big thank you again to Nora for the yarn and Vanessa for the DPN's!


Back when I had ventured briefly into the knitting world, I only used metal needles. I love that click click click. Seductive, it is.

I am a true Knitpicks needle convert. I don't use dpn's, but I love their options needles for magic loop. And, of course, I love The Knittery yarn. Thanks, too, for the great links...

After struggling with my size 9 Turbos and the stupidly heavy, unwieldy cable at that size - an Options set isn't sounding too bad.

I heart pointy needles. :)

WOW! You put these through the ringer!! :) I'm so glad you are enjoying them. I love the little things that make knitting more enjoyable, you know? (She says, as she buys herself some Mmmmalabrigo...)

I use Options almost exclusively. I love them and I'm glad you do too!

Wonderful review! And very timely, as my MIL emailed me today asking for Christmas gift ideas. You answered all the questions I had about those needles. And thanks for the email about the others.

Glad to hear that you like the Knitpicks DPN's. Overall I have been very happy with all the KnitPicks needles, especially the circulars. I am not a DPN sock knitter. However, I have had to go to wood needles from now on because I strip the nickel plating off the needles within about 8-10 hours of use. There is something in my ph level that just eats nickel plating. I have had to give up my Addi's and KnitPicks metal needles.

this is a really good review! packed with great information.

my favorite dpns are an ancient set of metal ones. same reasons you list, sharp points, good taper, no fear of breakage and lovely sound.

OK, here's my question about metal DPNs: did you feel like they were ever in danger of slipping out of the knitting? That's my anxiety about them: that they'd be so slippery that I'd ruin my project by continually losing a needle!

i have so enjoyed your review! i only have the metal dpn's. not the knit picks, but old needles from my mother. so, i really liked hearing about the others.
and the clicking? one of my favorite childhood memories. truly.

Thanks for the review! I used bamboo/wooden DPNs when I started knitting socks, but moved on to Magic Loop with KP circs because I wanted slick and pointy. I've just received my set of KP nickel DPNs, and look forward to trying them for myself.
There's something "traditional" about knitting with DPNs. :)

Just found your blog and this post and had to add my two cents. I love the KP DPs! So much that I no longer enjoy using wood or bamboo--even for sweaters. The metal needles have a clean easiness; somehow the movements your hands make are more direct. Speaking of metal, I must tell you all that I'm deeply in love with my brand new Signature pointy pointy #7s. . . And I never feel any "slippage danger."

I adore my new Knitpick woods for knitting, but the wood needles keep pulling out of the metal joins. I've had so many replaced (they're very nice about it (that they are asking me to test all the needles to see if they should just replace the whole set. The feel of the wood is great, the points are wonderful, but they just pull off the metal collar.