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Malabrigo "Intenso" Stocking

:: Intenso ::

Hooray for one-skein, one sock projects! I started this sock Halloween night while I was waiting for darkness and trick-or-treating. And the following two days, this served as my waiting-in-the-car-rider-line project. It was a quick knit and counts as one of five socks I worked on during Socktoberfest.

I've started working with a skein of Shokay Shambala, and in spite of swatching it several different ways, the best-looking fabric was a humble garter stitch:


The fiber itself feels dense and substantial and I think it will make a luxurious neckwarmer (one skein is not enough for a full-length scarf).

And since I'm the queen of one-skein projects (self-titled of course), I have to share this little bit of news -- Mary-Heather's capelet is a featured pattern on Ravelry!


I've knit FOUR of these capelets from the pattern I purchased at Knit Cafe. Now it's a free pattern on her website. You can wear it several different ways -- and it's incredibly lightweight (yet warm).

Rowan Kidsilk Haze "Jelly"

Rowan Kidsilk Haze "Liqueur"

Tomorrow's post will be the DPN review that I promised. We've been hit with two stomach viruses this past week -- the knitting has taken place in between taking care of two miserable boys.


That yarn is absolutely gorgeous! Hope the boys are feeling better...

Is that regular malabrigo worsted weight? Any special pattern or just a standard BIG sock???

I love the way the Malabrigo pools on your stocking. Intenso seems like such an appropriate name. I don't think I could bring myself to actually use that Shokay. The color is so rich; I'm sure it will be beautiful!

Oh no! Well, I'm glad the stomach virus hit AFTER Halloween! It really wouldn't be fair if they'd had to miss trick-or-treating!

Hello, I have been searching online for the Online Supersocke Holiday you used in your beautiful socks. Can you tell me where you bought it. I would like to call and get a skein or two :-))

Thanks. I've just found your blog and subcribed to your feeds. I've really enjoyed going through your archives today.

so many great knitting photos - i'm drooling.

I am so into one skein knits at the moment, thank you for the pattern link. that is a great excuse to pop out and get a ball of Kidsilk haze!!

Love the stocking. Can't believe its almost Christmas!

Malabrigo: my new reason for living!

Thanks for the M-H pattern, I'm going to check that out...

Janet, you are the sweetest! :) thank you for your post and all your support. I still smile to think you've knit the capelet 4 times!

Your stocking is lovely - I need to try some of that yarn.

I love the stocking! I bet it's soft too.

Great earrings to go with the Licquer capelet!

I have often admired that photo of you with the green cowl - so pretty! - but I didn't know the pattern. Thanks for sharing. This one is going in the queue :)

shocking pink stocking -- love it.
hope everyone is recovered! xo