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Maybe when your day, week, month has a been a difficult one and you can't beg, borrow or steal some time to knit, maybe what you're needing most is a manicure (OPI "Suzi Loves Sydney") and an eyebrow wax.

While the knitting time hasn't materialized, the ideas are flowing. I now have a better vision of the direction of some unfinished business. I'm learning to make the RIGHT connections (literally and figuratively) and going with my gut rather than embracing each new thing. With rejection comes refinement. I always seem to skip that step, but now I'm tuning in to the inner voice that tells me when something is not right. There's not enough time or energy for the "not right."

It's exciting and rewarding to see my clothing options shrink (yes, you are reading that right). Until the right things come my way, I'm okay with my limited options because I'm feeling good about what I have! I'll just knit the accessories as my options increase. One of the gifts I'm giving this year is permission (to my loved ones) to do the things for themselves that they wouldn't normally do -- the things they sometimes do for me as an act of generosity. Really. Do them for yourselves. You deserve it. Buy that amazing handbag for yourself -- or the perfect shoes. Your sharing with me how good they make you feel is the best gift.

I went to a baby shower last night and got to meet the sweet baby for whom the "Strawberry Latte" hat was intended (but alas, no photo of the recipient -- just this bear):

Baby hat on bear

I decided at the last minute not to add a pom pom It's still a little bit big for Malley, but she loved it (if sleeping through a baby shower is a sign of approval, she approves!). And I loved knitting it! Heads don't come in pairs like feet . . . or hands . . . so you knit one and you're finished. You don't have to knit a matching "other hat." I've knit a lot of hats, but this epiphany -- it is just now coming. Apparently I'm slow.

Erica leaves Sunday to go back to Florida and a job at Toni & Guy. It's exciting and very "her." My mom leaves shortly after that. I'm feeling prepared for the holidays and excited about my purchases and decisions. Bring it on.


You know, that's how I would go for things, too, even though you can't always do it: Just do it, if you have the feeling that what you will do will be absolutely good for you. Because after that, you'll feel that glow.

And I'm sure that Malley totally approves. ;-)

Oh, I wish I were as prepared as you are. I'm just stressed.

Cute baby hat! I'm loving the hat making also lately. There are so many great patterns out there. Enjoy!

Yes...I still have yet to embrace making the "right" connections. Since I am still all new to this I still get easily distracted!

I love how you are embracing other people's joy for your Christmas gift!

I'm glad you're ready for the holidays. At least somebody is. Heh.

Ah, see, and I"m learning how to connect right. I wonder if it's the same, but it sounds a little different. Which makes sense. Since we are. Different, that is. :D Though, I have much to learn still and it seems your learning curve is better than mine. LOL I'm so glad you are looking forward to the holidays. Truly I am!

Ya know, "they" say ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE LITTLE VOICE, but there's some great learning to be had if you don't. So it's not all for naught. :)

I was *just* wondering how you were doing regarding "limiting you options." Good to hear it's going well. I still think it's so funny that clothes can impart such a good (or bad) feeling on us, but they TOTALLY DO. (And it's also maybe the fact that we're spending a little more effort on ourselves that we're appreciating (does that make sense?).)

OK, Sorry if this is rambling... it's 6:30AM (on a Saturday).

I'm a 'Quarter-of-a-Cent-Cherry' OPI gal, that's my default color! Never underestimate the power of the manicure...

I love the colors of that hat - it's so cute!! You always get me thinking. That's one of the things I really like about you. :)

isn't it a lovelt feeling inside, when the kerfluffle and noises settle down, and things start clicking into place. I always think of that "clicking into place" moment like the sound of dominoes tapping, or mah jong tiles. Hmmm. The flow is a lovely place to be...

"Being ready for the holidays" is more of a mindset than the actual progress through a shopping list. I'm glad you're feeling good about it. :)

I'm all about OPI "I'm Not Really a Waitress" for my toes, and "Bubblebath" for my fingers. Funny how we know our colors.

such an inspiring post - especially the part about giving others permission to give themselves the things they want.
it sounds and looks like you are doing some amazing personal growth. bravo!

Beautiful, uplifting post. I'd love to hear all about it in via private email when Erica and mum leave. I have lots to tell you also. Miss you. x

What a wonderful and generous holiday suggestion :)

Gosh, you seem so relaxed fr the holidays!!

What an adorable baby hat!