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Speaking of thankful . . .

Surprise in the mail yesterday

It feels like I've been far away, but I've been here -- just incredibly busy. My mom and my daughter are both here for a long(ish) stay and Erica and I had to take care of something hugely important last week -- the second of her two exams to be a licensed Cosmetologist in the state of Texas. She passed her written exam without incident last spring, but wasn't able to be here to take the subsequent 3.5 hour "practical" exam -- the one she does at a testing facility in front of a proctor who grades her on all the required steps. She needed a live model for the facial and manicure (me) and in spite of several issues outside our control, she not only passed, she got an excellent grade. It was a hard-won success and I don't know which one of us was more nervous. When she gets back to Florida, she'll start her job as a colorist at Toni & Guy and begin the process of transferring her license to Florida (which, oddly, doesn't require a "practical" exam -- only a written one).

And thanks to a "what if?" moment at the beauty supply store ("it's only hair, it's only hair") two days before her exam, we "experimented" with bleach and toner and now I have some really wild highlights. So if you see me before it's fixed, feel free to acknowledge the . . . RED.

Obviously, I have NO knitting to show because I've not knit in several days. In the rare stolen moments, I'm browsing Flickr, answering emails (but not nearly enough of them) and visiting your sites. I love seeing all the lovely things you're working on and I'm grateful for living vicariously through my favorite knitters.

Click the photo above if you would like to see more details about the gorgeous Diakeito Diamusee Fine yarn that Chawne sent me (along with the neatest Moo card).

I was also able to finish my oldest son's socks almost two weeks ago:

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Jeans

He's worn them several times and loves them! There's really nothing quite as awesome as seeing everybody wear the socks I knit for them.


The yarn looks so nice and the socks too! well done to Erica for passing the practical. Are the highlights not liked? I had some done a while ago, the first time I had ever done anything to my hair, it was quite a shock but I kind of like them now!

Happy Thanksgiving Janet! What a beautiful gift of yarn from Chawne. The Knitting Nest is having their first sale today so guess where I'm going!!


Congrats to your daughter! And I think we need to see a hair picture before it's "fixed." :)

Congratulations to your daughter! I know from experience that it's very nice having a stylist in the family. Great socks too.

So...when I saw you today at the store was your hair "fixed" or not? I liked what I saw. It was pretty.

Congratulations to Erica.

Congratulations Erica!! x
[I knew you'd be busy so I haven't bombarded you with hysterical wedding dress emails... yet!]

Congrats to Erica!

Great to hear Erica did so well. She's gonna do some amazing work and become a famous celebrity stylist. :)

And yay for awesome socks! :)

Those are great looking socks. Congratulations to your daughter.

And thanks for coming by the blog. Next time, I hope you say hello.

Congrats to your daughter - i bet you are both so very pleased! And yes, i think we definately need to see that hair...lol. And before i forget that yarn is just gorgeous!

Congratulations to her!

Congratulations to your daughter! I am sure you were a lovely model.

Great job Erica! I am sure you all are proud of her! I have to say you have certainly mastered that camera! Wonderful images!