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A sock is emerging

Another sock is emerging:

Noro Kureyon sock in progress

I'm knitting a sample pair of socks for Twisted Yarns from the much-hyped Noro Kureyon sock yarn:

NORO Kureyon Sock Yarn

Obviously, I love it -- otherwise I wouldn't have made much progress (if any at all) on yarn that I just acquired yesterday.

So if you're intrigued and you're wanting to know how it knits up and what it feels like, I have to caution that you will need to release any expectation that it will be any different than knitting with Kureyon. It is not soft to the touch, but it's not unpleasant either. And it's very much a thinner version of Kureyon, which I happen to already love. If you don't love knitting with Kureyon, you won't love knitting with the sock yarn. If you see it at your yarn shop and you love the color but hesitate due to the way it feels to the touch -- please try it anyway. I've tried on my sock-in-progress and I think it feels MUCH softer on my feet than I thought it would.

For those of you wondering how I've fared on my stash release goals, I am feeling good about what I've done so far. And I realized that I don't regret a single yarn purchase or acquisition in 2007. Nearly everything I want to release was acquired between 2004 and 2006 -- before I really knew what I most enjoyed knitting. So for 2008 -- more Noro (Cashmere Island, Kureyon, Silk Garden, Iro, Kochoran), more Malabrigo (lace and worsted) and more yarns from independent sources -- that is, hand-dyers and spinners. And 2008 won't see me taking up spinning, but I will try more designing. Of course I'll keep knitting socks and will try to finish more of what I begin. And I'll make lots of pom poms.


How does the Noro sock yarn feel like it's going to wear?

I knew right away what yarn that was!!
I actually knitting up my 1st "serious" scarf in that particular colorway (Big Kureyon of course)! LOL

Oh yeah I have heard knitters complaining about how even after a good soak the NORO sock yarn is not as soft as they would like...oh well. I will eventually be knitting with it!! Haha!

ah, it looks awesome! lucky you! :)

it looks like it's a bit thick-n-thin like kureyon and silk garden tend to be -- is that the case?

happy holidays and have a great new year! I look forward to seeing more designs from you in 2008 :)

Thanks for letting us know what the yarn is like, I have been hemming and hawing, trying to decide if it was going to be Kureyon for feet or nice cushy wool. :)

Happy Holidays!

I am not much a sock knitter. Actually, I'm quite known for being a heel knitter! Get either down to the heel or past the heel and lose interest. However, having seen tons of Noro sock yarn at Knitch, I am extremely tempted to give it 9th go at sock knitting. I adore Noro colors and their yarns.

Good for you for stash busting. I've been trying to work on that too. Two gifts I've knitted up where from my stash. My taste has improved but now I know more and have been exposed to more.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

I saw that yarn at my LYS, and I asked the owner if she had a sample. It felt very scratchy in the skein, but when I touched the sample she was knitting, I was surprised at how much softer it felt. It's like something magical happened on it's way to becoming a sock!

Merry Christmas!

I'll be adding some of this yarn to my stash for sure.

Merry Christmas :)

I have got to get my hands on some of that!! It looks great!



Hard call. I love the Noro colors, but I'm not crazy about the actual act of knitting with Koreyon. I may pass on this one. It's good to get a first-hand review. Thanks for the welcome home, Janet. Excellent goals for 2008 by the way.

I can hardly wait to get my hands on the new Noro Sock Yarn! Thanks for your comments on the yarn. I luv all Noro Yarn and am sure I will not be disappponted with their sock yarn.

Must try some of the Noro! And I'm with you on the yarn stash; most of what I'm iffy about I bought years ago. I'm more selective now.

I'd say your assessment of the Kureyon Sock Yarn is spot on! I love the color way you've chosen, very muted.

I had no idea there was a sock version of Noro Kureyon, nice! I just finished a project made in Kureyon and felted it afterwards and was amazed by how soft it became. I've only ever felted with Kureyon but I'm wondering, will the socks become softer with hand washing in Eucalan? I get so much pleasure from the color that I don't mind the coarser texture as much. Your post makes me want to make some socks again! Too fun!