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A visual post

While I'm away today, I thought you would enjoy some visuals; as usual, click the photos for more details.

Stitch Markers

Panda Silk Sock


And finally, please don't miss this bit of inspiration -- I've got a list of projects I want to work on beginning December 26, 2007. Till then, I'm daydreaming about knitting, about Noro yarn ("Cash Island" to be precise), and about making some lovely ornaments for the 2008 holiday.

Details later -- I'm going to go party with some 9-year olds.


What fun stitchmarkers! Love the wall of yarn, too.

I do love the way that yarn knits up!

love the stitchmarkers

I love those stitch markers!

I wish I had a wall of yarn like that at my house.... :(

Hope the party with the nine years olds is a blast!

I love your inspiration photos. I'm always in awe of how much talent is out there.

Great stitch markets and such pretty yarn! Enjoy your party...

ack! that yarn wall is great!

Great stitch markers from your work!

Party with 9 yr olds? Hope you survived!

those are beautiful..both the stitch markers yarn and wip! where did you find the markers?

The inspiration picture is great, I love the felted bag!

I am also dreaming of Cash Island!

these photos are great! I really love the yarn wall! :)

Now THAT is inspiration! Thanks for the link!

Hope you partied like a rock star with the 9 year old club! :oD

Merry Christmas!

Stunning! Cash Island sounds like a wonderful place ;)